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Review Of 19/02/05 And Teaser Video

Postby Nathan » Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:18 am

Just thought I would do a Topic with my thoughts on the Event from an actual Pwg Fans standpoint, I own just over Twenty Pwg Events and have Twelve on Order. If Dragon reads this Im the one who bought your last Copy of Evolution Four (Dont work Proberly) and an Xl Tshirt, When I said Xl Davey Richards looked at me, Like 'Xl' But Im over 6 Foot so its all in the Height, Also got a Pwg Euro Vacation Tshirt and Asw One, Two, Second Anniversary and Battle Of La as I wanted to give them Money in there Pockets rather than order prior. Anyway onto the Review.

The Guys kept us outside nearly an Hour longer than expected but I was second in the Queue so I was by the Door and with Shelter which was a shame for those that wernt because of the Fact it was really raining, Steen came out and got a Mcdonalds then all the other guys walked past about Ten Minutes later.

The Fanfest was an Amazing thing as you could see how happy the People were, Those included where El Generico, Dino Winwood, Axp, Joey Ryan, Top Gun, Spud, Kevin Steen, Chris Bosh, Scott Lost, Excalibur, Disco, Jody Fleisch, Johnny Storm, Super Dragon, Davey Richards, Ronin, Frankie Kazarian and Aj Styles who were all signing Pics for Free and just being cool with taking Photos etc for any fan.

The First Match was that of Excalibur / Disco Machine / Ronin vs Spud / Topgun Talwar / Aviv Mayaan. It was a great Comedy Match with Excalibur getting his ass Slapped by the Entrance within the First Minute of the Match, Topguns Valet Tits Mgee also made a appearance with a Clothesline and insane Hurricanrana to Disco. Match was great with some awesome highspots from all Wrestlers and Comedy, End came with Excalibur hitting Spud with his Sitout Tiger Driver for the Win.

Next we had Ricky Reyes vs Martin Stone, Martin Stone is normally a Squash Wrestler in Ipw but it was great to see him actually have a good Wrestling Match, This was stiff and came to an end with a Lariat that looked to totally smack Reyes Left cheek in as he looked in Legit Pain afterwards.

We then saw Scoprio Sky vs Quicksilver, Sky played the great role of the Comedy guy in this with his Abs and much more, Match was very good and people have said that Scorpio carried Quicksilver, To me that is utter rubbish as Quicksilver has prooved on the Indy Scene in America and to me in the Uk that he can carry others to a great Match and he gave just as much as Sky in my opinion. Match ended with me not Remebering because it was a while ago but it was a great Match with some great Spots from both guys.

Frankie Kazarian vs Andy Simmons was next, Simmons was a face just one day before but became a Heel after a Promo at the Ipw show the night before. The Crowd ate it up and really got under his Skin with some great chants that I hope come across on the Dvd because it was just great. Frankie seemed confused but also liked it. Comedy with Wrestling but came to an end when Frankie hit his Wave of the Future from the Top Rope, Which was amazing considering it was at the Tunbuckle I was in front off.

We then had an Intermission where everything seemed to flow really nice with Scorpio Sky talking about his Abs, Doing some Singing and the Wrestlers selling there Tshirts as well as Excalibur selling his last ever Tshirt till he got some more printed. Intermission lasted about Fifhteen Minutes.

We came back to see El Generico vs Kevin Steen. Ive seen these Two fight at least Six times on Dvds I own and I knew exactly what to expect int terms of Moves but it still blew me away with the Stiffness of the Chops, The fluency of the Moves and the new moves they produced, This is Awesome chants started and were still going when the Match ended. Steen won the Match after a Package Piledriver but he also gave a super stiff lariat to Generico that turned him inside out when Generico didnt have a Tshirt for Steen to have. Great Great Match that even if you have seen them Wrestle before will bring a whole new angle to there Feud. Great.

Next was Aj Styles vs Jody Fleisch, The Crowd were getting tired and really wanted to enjoy this Match but it didnt really seem possible as the Two really wernt able to completly gel, There were points of great Wrestling and points of just Silence, The Match ended with the Predictible Styles Clash to Jody but considering this Match wasnt Scheduled to be the Two gave more than enough to make me happy and give them a This is Awesome chant.

We then had our Main Event with Super Dragon / Davey Richards vs Arrogance (Scott Lost / Chris Bosh) the Match was over 35 Minutes long and despite some of the Crowd being tired from it being just over Four Hours the Guys still gave everything they had. With great Wrestling, A Nice bit of Comedy from Bosh as normal and Davey Richards being even more impressive inring than I have seen previously. The normal moves where in place but just seemed even more punshing, The Curb Stomp to Bosh was just a sick thudding sound that made most people crinch. The Stiffness was brutal and the Match was awesome. Psycho Driver debuted and made everyone happy to end.

Great Great event that I truly believe Pwg were proud of, We gave them Chants they would only hear in England, The Promos from the Wrestlers such as Ryan in 'Soccer is only played in America by Women and Fags' was great and more from Kazarian, Excalibur talking about Balls and much more it was great to witness live. The Commentary will hopefully offer stories from the Events by Exaclibur and Disco Machine and have some great Backstage Footage.

Thanks again Pwg, Ive followed you since your Debut and will continue to line your pockets with the Money you rightly deserve I only hope that the Fans over there would be willing to pay $50 a Show because I would of paid more for my Ticket for that is an Experience that wont die. Thankyou.

Now for the Teaser Video, I hope Pwg dont mind but it will wet there mouths with Goooooooooo. I made it myself so dont bash as I kinda didnt have much to work with in terms of Quality or Angles but enjoy and order this Dvd when it comes out.
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Postby Nathan » Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:43 am

Forgot to Put about the Johnny Storm vs Joey Ryan Match for which I apologise, And also there is no Edit Function which kinda makes it a little annoying so I do apologise. The Match was great with some really insane Spots such as Joeys Dive to the Outside landing on the Front Row right besides me and much more, The Match ended with a Dq after Johnny whent to Use the belt and whatnot and was kinda a messy ending but what do you expect from Magnum Pa.

Also I said Evolution Four Proberly wont work I meant doesnt Work properly as It skips and jumps alot on all of my Dvd Players and Pc. But nevermind, Got most of the Matches anyway. Great stuff.
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Postby HBAndy » Tue Feb 21, 2006 3:50 pm

I've gotta say thats an absolutely awesome video you just made with that. It's only been 2 days and you've done an absolutely sterling job. Great video man.
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