Matches I Want To See At ASW 3

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Matches I Want To See At ASW 3

Postby SoCalAndy » Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:13 am

Using only guys who are listed on the main page and random local regulars, here is what I want to see.

Night 1
-Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan vs. B-Boy vs. Chris Bosh(After the events at the March 4th show, this would be cool to see. Plus with no Davey and Scott, it frees up Bosh and Dragon)

-Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Briscoe Brothers(This would kick so much ass.)

-Cape Fear vs. Los Luchas(See above)

-Chris Sabin vs. Jimmy Yang

-Scorpio Sky vs. Kevin Steen

-M-Dogg vs. Matt Sydal

-TJ Perkins vs. Frankie Kazarian

-Ronin/Excalibur/Alex Koslov vs. Disco Machine/Nemesis/Topgun Talwar

Night 2:

-Joey Ryan vs. B-Boy(It could work if either one won the title)

-Super Dragon and Davey Richards vs. Cape Fear(Since Davey is going to be at Super 8 on Night 1, I figure they'd go with this on Night 2 maybe?)

-The Briscoe Brothers vs. Arrogance(No reason aside from this being awesome)

-Claudio Castagnoli vs. Roderick Strong

-Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen

-Matt Sydal vs. Chris Sabin

-Jimmy Yang vs. Frankie Kazarian

-M-Dogg vs. Scorpio Sky

-TJ Perkins/Zokre/Phoenix Star vs. Topgun Talwar/Bino Gambino/Excalibur

-Nemesis and Disco Machine vs. Ronin and Alex Koslov
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Postby onlxn » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:35 am

Nice cards -- they look about right to me. It's weird to bring in the Briscoes and not feed them to the tag champs, but yeah, you have to imagine that Cape Fear gets the shot on Sunday. Perhaps we'll be seeing the Briscoes again after ASW3?

I'm starting to really wonder what the fate of the PWG Title is. Had looked all along like it was going to Bosh, but he's been jobbing lately like he owes people money -- he'd need at least a couple shows to get some momentum back. B-Boy ain't gettin' it, and I doubt they'd want to rely on AJ or Daniels, given that TNA is only getting more aggressive about pulling them from indy shows...

Honestly, unless Bosh goes on a little winning streak soon, I think the title may go back to Steen. I doubt that that was their original plan, but he's still just wildly over -- more over, in fact, than Bosh, who's been badly hurt by all the losses. If they abort the Bosh title push altogether, I could see another three-month Steen reign leading to a Scorp win, or something. SD is naturally waiting in the shadows, but I don't think they're gonna take the tag belts off him and Davey anytime soon...

It's a very interesting title picture. Unfortunately, a lot of that's because Bosh has been somewhat mishandled... still, an interesting situation.
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Postby Mecca » Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:21 pm

I'm looking forward to all of those matches lol.
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Postby El Asian » Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:23 pm

sounds good, my idea, 1st Night 1:

Joey Ryan vs. B-Boy (PWG title match obviously)

Chris Sabin vs. Chris Bosh (also a #1 contenders match)

Roderick Strong vs. Super Dragon

Briscoes vs. El Generico and Kevin Steen (I know it should be Cape Fear but it be better for a major tag team like the Briscoes while not making Cape Fear looking too weak)

Los Luchas vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero (lucha libre rules, to honor Hero and Claudio's trip to Mexico)

Quicksilver vs. Scorpio Sky

Human Tornado vs. M-Dogg (is Tornado booked since he's not mentioned on the main page? If he is, I would like to see this match)

every thing else I agree with SoCalAndy for the rest

Night 2:

Joey Ryan vs. whoever wins between Sabin and Bosh, could go either way as well since I could see either Sabin or Bosh as PWG champion

Cape Fear vs. Davey Richards and Super Dragon

Jimmy Yang vs. B-Boy

Kevin Steen vs. Frankie Kazarian

Scorpio Sky vs. Matt Sydal

Claudio Castagnoli vs. M-Dogg

Chris Hero vs. Excalibur

like always

although I don't mind if Mark or Jay can get a singles match as well
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Postby scrub » Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:16 pm

Damn, good call on this Andy. I was gonna start a thread, but you know duty calls in REAL LIFE. Moded Andy. HAHA, I kid I kid.

Anyways, two matches that need to be seen in SoCal:

El Generico vs. Matt Sydal. They had a match in IWA-MS for the TPI 2005, and it bloody amazing. That was the match that got me shotgun on the Matt Sydal bandwagon. His matches with AJ got him noticed, but his match with Generico sealed the deal. If not a singles, have Sydal tag up with anybody (really, ANYBODY), and go up against Cape Fear or 2SBG's.

Davey/SD vs. The Briscoes. I dunno how the Briscoes are now, but back in 2003, they absolutely tore up the 1st JCC with B-Boy and SD. I hear they haven't lost a step, so that tag match would be good. I want to see more and more "dream tag teams" get demolished by Dragon and Davey.

Claudio/Hero vs. Los Luchas and/or Nemesis. These five guys need to be in a ring for ASW3. With Claudio and Hero getting all crazy on their lucha, what better guys to face them than Phoenix, Zokre, and/or Nemesis. All five guys have a pretty nutso mind for lucha, and you know they'll bust out some "holy shit" type stuff. They'd mesh really well and you know it like a poet.

El Generico vs. M-Dogg! When El Generico is matched up with a certain wrestler, matches become awe-inspiring. A match with M-Dogg would be no different. Of course, I haven't seen any recent M-Dogg work, but I'm sure he and Generico can bust out some wild ish. Maybe M-Dogg can nail that flipping Dragonrana off the top this time?

Roderick Strong vs. Super Dragon
Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards
Either one of those two matches should be brutal. We've seen these guys work together in February, so we know they have the chemistry. Let's see this on a singles level. Rod Strong brings the freaky retard strength to PWG!

That's all really. Even if none of these matches get considered, it doesn't matter. I trust the PWG SIX to book an excellent show. I can't wait! "Thunderdome" got me real hyped to be a PWG fan again.
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Postby scrub » Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:37 pm

OK, so I actually read this thread, and Sydal can be paired up with Sabin or Scorpio and put on some most excellent steez. Sabin/Scorpio could be real good too. Hell, Generico/Sabin, Generico/Scorpio, etc. These four guys in any combination can put on some top notch quality stuff.
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