Cruisin' For A Bruisin' & Teen Outreach Summit DVD Thoug

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Cruisin' For A Bruisin' & Teen Outreach Summit DVD Thoug

Postby SoCalAndy » Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:27 pm

So far, I've finished Cruisin' and watched half of Teen Outreach(Baseball, sleep and school have prevented me from enjoying them earlier) and have some thoughts.

Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
-Hero and Claudio is probably the best PWG opening match in the history of PWG opening matches. Their lucha work was worlds better than most lucha stuff I've seen in my life. A lot of the stuff they did was mind blowing, as it must be hard for guys smaller than they are to pull off some of the stuff they do. Claudio and Hero in PWG is rad! This was a great showcase of the stuff they could do.

-The six man tag was also really fun. I enjoy Topgun's comedy, a lot. Some people have been saying that it's been getting stale, but it's still fresh in my mind mostly because of the way he delivers his stuff. Ronin is also pretty underrated in my mind. People hate his look, but I don't watch wrestling to look at dude bodies, I watch it for play fighting. Ronin's offense is pretty rad.

-Joey Ryan's match with Tornado might of been the most fun match he's had since winning the title. The 4 Way was great for the wrestling, but this match a really fun atmosphere. The promo by Joey was pretty cool too, and the segway with his match to the Bosh/Lost match was well done aswell. Speaking of which, that match was pretty good! I remeber watching it live and enjoying it a lot, but the crowd was so dead during it. The Superman Spear Rana move that Scott Lost did on Chris Bosh was jaw dropping.

-Cape Fear vs. Dragon and Richards was an awesome match. Everyone went balls out, and is my second favorite Dragon/Richards title defense behind the GenNext one by a close margin. Dragon is an effect dickhead type heel that the fans loves and Generico and Quick played great underdogs. Everything flowed really well and everyone in the match did great. The Yakuza/Sunset Flip to the outside off the apron was an amazing spot. I don't like star ratings that much, but I'd give this a ****+ rating as everything was great. Must see match.

-The only problem I had was with the hardcam. The work was pretty bad on it. It was zoomed in too tight and it didn't follow the action really well. The floor cam was fine, the hardcam was gay. Still a really good DVD. Two must see matches and an awesome undercard. Plus TARO is on commentary, which makes things better.

Teen Outreach Summit
-Scott Lost vs. Jimmy Yang was a really fun match. Although Scott was injured going into the match, he did a great job and worked really well. It would of been awesome to see him work this match at 100%, but it's still good.

-The Lucha Six Man Tag was amazing. One of the best six man tags in PWG history in my mind. Everything clicked really well and everyone brought their A-Game. Ronin looked impressive in this, and Generico continued to kick major ass. There was so much fun stuff in this match, that I don't know where to begin. This match is worth getting the DVD for. Probably the most enjoyable six man tag I've seen in any indy promotion.

-The crowd making fun of Chris Sabin's hair was hilarious. Kevin Steen was hilarious in his match with Sabin aswell. The finish was ok as it helped things build up and it helped Joey look like a chicken shit heel.

-Daniels/Romero was pretty good. This was the most enjoyable Daniels match I've seen in awhile(along with his match with Low Ki at ROH) and was a fine match. The finish was pretty cool as it put away Romero right when things where starting to pick up.

-The Dragon/Richards-Luchas match was really good at first. Dragon acting like an asshole was amazing. He should of broken that dude's glasses. Zokre getting Dragon frustrated was pretty good, and it could of gone many different ways had the match progressed. Zokre held up really well and was able to hang with Dragon in the ring. Dragon fixing the bottom rope was hilarious. The spot with Zokre doing his Tope Fake into Phoenix jumping and rolling over him while he rolled backwards and doing a Springboard Tope Con Hilo was awesome.

The fun gets even better when Dragon's mini-riot starts up.

At first, I didn't think Phoenix looked that fucked up, as he was able to do some stuff after the curb stomp, which was what I thought injured him in the first place. The powerbomb through the table was awesome, as it looked good because you didn't expect. Aaron Hassan fucked up big time, as you could clearly see Dragon and Davey both roll into the ring and Dragon roll out. Dragon looking like he was going to kill Travis and Aaron and both of them running for their lives was hilarious. Dragon dragging out Zokre and beating him down with Davey was one of the most insane things I've seen in my life. Poor Zokre took some of the most insane powerbombs through tables I've seen in my life. And him kicking out of them showed that he was willing to take one for the team. Great stuff stemming from a shitty sititutation. The brawl at the end with Quicksilver and Tornado helped make things look better when they got involved after Dragon attacked Dino.

-I haven't watched the main event yet, but this show was really good. The chaos between Dragon and everyone was great. No bad matches, and everyone looked good except for that Dmitri Maskarsky.
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Postby WannaB » Wed Apr 12, 2006 12:19 pm

Sorry about the hardcam. That's my bad. I was pretty tired that day. Plus after the long drive, and setting up the ring and everything I'm kinda worn out. There's also the issue of standing up for 4 hours & forcing yourself to watch through the LCD and never take your eye's off of it. You get tired, and your eyes will tend to wander off the screen.

The hardcam filming has been bad I know, but I've talked with the guys in charge and we've found what works best. We're aiming for close shots but we know when & where we want them now. Globetrotters, Thunderdome, & ASW 3 are all much, much better. The action's still a little tight on Globe & Thunder, but the camera keeps up. ASW 3 is probably going to be the best. It's tight only when it needs to be. I don't recall how Card Subject To Change 2 looked, but I'm willing to bet it was meh... because of the scrambling to get things set up when that indy film was there. I remember being pretty exhausted, so I don't think it'll be all that great. ASW 3 however was really good. When you get your copies I think you'll agree.

I know how important the camera work is, and I'm the first to admit that some work is needed on my part. We were discussing a possible 3rd camera angle on the apron for ASW3, but we felt it was going to be too much of a hassle with all that was going on. It would give good shots (if you recall when pwg did it in the past), but there's the issue of the cameraman being in the way of the fans & other issues. From what was talked about & depending on how things go, we may give it a try at the next show.

Again, sorry for the bad camera work on my part. You all know who I am; I'm the tall skinny douche on the ring crew, so if you guys wanna throw suggestions my way when you see me at the shows let me know.


As for the matches.

I agree, Hero & Claudio was one of the best openers that I've ever seen. Davey/Dragon vs. Cape Fear was unbelievable.

I liked the TJ/Alex match. Koslov's matches just get better and better. I can't wait to see what's down the line for him.

I loved on TOS how Dragon was tightening the bottom rope too. When he came over and grabbed the wrench I thought, "Oh Fuck! Dragon's gonna kill somebody." Then I just laughed my ass off when he started to fix the rope.

Scott & Jimmy was great, and I agree that if Scott had been at 100% they could've had a match twice as good. Still a great match though. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch down the line.
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Postby SoCalAndy » Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:13 am

I just finished the Joey Ryan vs. Chris Bosh match. It's a pretty good match, but some parts wheren't good. Although some stuff didn't go right(I.E. Joey's running powerbomb) it turned out to be funny. The finish was really good, as it helped set things up for the upcoming 4 Way match and it also helped further Joey's cowardly title run without hurting the others who are going after his belt. People bitch about Bosh getting squashed a lot, but it isn't as bad as people make it seem in my mind. This match helped show that he was able to stand up and be a challenge to Joey.

And the commentary on the DVDs are funny. Dino and Excalibur need to call a show together, aswell as a TARO and Disco. That would be amazing.
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