Whats been going on recently in PWG?

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Whats been going on recently in PWG?

Postby Wes2k8 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:34 pm

Ok, so a few months back I got into PWG. I read all the results, etc. But I'm still having a hard time finding out all the Story lines, and stuff that's going on. I don't have money for DVD's (The only one I own is PWG Sells Out), as I'm only 14, and I live in Florida, so I can't go to any shows. So if someone, or a few of you can get me up to speed with whats going on, I'd really appreciate it.
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Re: Whats been going on recently in PWG?

Postby Madvillian » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:54 pm

check it out on youtube. just search by date added and go from there

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Re: Whats been going on recently in PWG?

Postby stevecw » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:27 am

ya man youtube , pwg website , wikipedia and google and dvd's dont hurt !!!!

im in the same spot as you i can never see i show live , im in canada
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Re: Whats been going on recently in PWG?

Postby Meltman » Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:37 am

I'll try and summarize 2009.

The year began with a buzz in February with London's announcement. On that same show, PWG made more news by having Cabana show up a day after he was fired by WWE. Tornado apologizes to Hero for their feud (with a sympathetic "my bad"). In January signs of a feud between Chuck Taylor & El Generico begin. On back-to-back months Generico beats both Taylor and Omega, giving them a reason to team (hatred of Generico and orphans). Hero begins getting heel heat, calls the fans faggots, still a respected fighting champion. London has another match, then is injured, not to be seen in the ring until 2010.

At DDT4 the Bucks beat Omega/Taylor and subsequently get booed like hell. This is the start of their heel turn. Their next match against Hybrid Dolphins takes it one step farther. But of course the turn doesn't come full circle until Threemendous II. The atmosphere on that show is ridiculous. So now we have the Bucks, Generico/Tornado and Omega/Taylor feuding with each other over the tag titles. In the meantime Joey Ryan has started feuding with Hero, fearing Hero's title reign will surpass Joey's. They had some really great matches which Hero won, solidifying himself as the longest-reigning champ.

In 2009 Scott Lost began gaining lots of momentum with big singles wins. A lot of people had him pegged to win BOLA. He ended up losing to Omega in round 2, but we'll see if anything comes of that in 2010. Some more news came in 2009 when Brian Kendrick debuted in PWG after WWE, just like Cabana. At the end of the Bucks' rematch with Omega/Taylor, it was revealed that their recent matches had been rigged because they were paying ref Rick Knox.

Kendrick and the Bucks would soon form a heel unit, which came to play at BOLA when they attacked Omega for winning. This resulted in Generico & Cabana running out to protect him. However this alliance ended in January. Currently Generico and Taylor are scheduled to take on the Bucks. Tornado's retired now. Also a lot of newcomers showed up in 2009 and blew the roof off the place. Guys like Gatson, Cutlers, Goodtime, LTP and Ryan Taylor are the future of this fed.
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