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PWG Dio DVD Thoughts

Postby BurningHammerMark » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:00 pm

PWG Dio DVD Thoughts

Didn't get to make it to this show live but wish I did....

Los Luchas vs. Johnny Goodtime and Jerome "LTP" Robinson

Solid opener but not as great as other openers from this year in PWG, Kinda fell apart at times but still very solid stuff with Goodtime and LTP picking up the win with the Goodness Gracious (Quakendriver IV variation) ***

Ryan Taylor vs. Brandon Bonham

I liked this match alot! Bonham is getting better and better each time out and Taylor can hold his own and I really feel these guys will be main eventing PWG shows in another year or two. I kinda thought the finish was overkill with Bonham doing the Hammer Of The Gods twice when he should've finished it after reversing the wheelbarrow slam into the Hammer Of The Gods which was a better visual but still a great match ***1/2

Scott Lost vs. Akira Tozawa

Another fun match! Tozawa isn't a real DG favorite of mine like CIMA, HULK, Speed Muscle, Yokosuka or SHINGO but he's still very good. Lost is at his usual best and there's a lot of good back and fourth stuff here with Tozawa picking up the win with a Straight Jacket Everest German Suplex. ***1/2

The Cutlers and Joey Ryan vs. The Jackson Three

WOW! Awesome match! Tons of innovative moves! I love the story of Nick and Matt bullying Malachi and making him take the brunt of punishment, Joey looked great here as well and is really fun in 6 man tag matches. Cutlers pick up the win with the Double Tombstone Piledriver but catch a beatdown afterwards by Nick and Matt to set up what happened at Seven. ****

Candace LaRae vs. Christina Von Eerie

I like this match alot but not as much as their match at Guerres Sans Frontieres but still great women's action that's better than everything WWE and TNA is trying to pass off as women's wrestling, Both of these girls should be getting bookings with SHIMMER and taking on the best female talent on the indy scene. Candace pulls off the win with a VaginaPlex off the top rope followed by a Moonsault to end a very solid women's match. **3/4

Chris Hero vs. Brandon Gatson

Great stuff! Gatson looked great here playing the scrappy babyface as Hero just destroys him with some brutal chops, elbows and kicks, I like this match about the same as I like Hero/Bonham from DDT4 which is another great match. Hero finishes Gatson with a stomp to the head and a Rolling Elbow to put an end to a great match. ***3/4

El Generico and Paul London vs. Spanky and Kevin Steen

Another very good match! Very short but still very good stuff packed into about 13 minutes, Steen is great as usual as they continued his feud with Generico which is easily the best feud on the indy scene this year. Generico and London looked good together on their first defense of the PWG World Tag Team Titles as they polished off Steen with a Brainbuster/SSP combo to end another great match. ***3/4

Overall: Another great show! Not alot in the way of MOTY material but strong matches and great undercard stuff which is why I love PWG and regard it as the best indy out there right now.
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Re: PWG Dio DVD Thoughts

Postby Garden State Saint » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:37 am

I've seen everything but the last two matches so far and have totally enjoyed it. I didn't expect it to be a blow away show but as it went along I noticed something........that bald headed guy thats been the front row the last few shows wasn't there! AWESOME!
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