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Krayzie Bone's Reunion show review

Postby krayzie Bone » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:53 am

OK well I just decided to share some of my thoughts about PWG show this past weekend. So let me just do it match by match.

1.Opening match: Pretty good match, no complaints there, this is how the openers should be.
2.Lucha Libre match: very short, some good spots but that match needed a lot more time that it was given.
3.Joey Ryan vs Shame Helms. This is probably one of the worst matches in PWG history and its not because of Joey Ryan but because of Shane stupid ass useless Helms. They were both healing it up too much, which was a mistake, two heals trying to draw heat from the crowd is never good. I actually felt bad for Joey, because he was building a pretty good momentum in the past few months, dropped the comedy gimmick, focused on technical wrestling more and his road to PWG title looked pretty good, that is till he wrestled Helms, now all this momentum that Joey built is kind of down the drain.

4. Low Ki vs Davey Richards. Great match, not a five star match as some fans were chanting but still an excellent match. I just wish they did more strong style.

5. Jake the Snake vs Sin Bodhi, I didn't really expect anything out of this match, so I was not disappointed. Sin Bodhi is insane so it was cool to watch I guess.

6. Legend's battle royal, again I didn't expect anything out of it, but actually it was better then I expected. Terry Funk and Roddy Piper interaction was pretty damn good. Gotta love Terry Funk, probably the toughest professional wrestler of all time, he has to be 70 years old by now and he still wrestles, nothing but respect for that man.

7. Chris Hero vs Kevin Steen, my favorite match of the night. Everything that I wanted to see; stiff and physical, awesome match.

8. Eight Man Tag; second favorite match of the night, just an amazing fast action that only PWG can deliver, loved that match. The Steenalizer on Johnny Yuma was freeking crazy.

9. El Generico vs Claudio Castagnolli, very good title match, nothing extraordinary, just your typical solid PWG match.

Well hope you enjoyed my review.
krayzie Bone
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