2011 Battle of Los Angeles on August 20, 2011!

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Re: 2011 Battle of Los Angeles on August 20, 2011!

Postby camstun187 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:57 am

This is why I don't over-saturate myself with wrestling anymore. Downloading matches from ROH, Japan, and all that was taking a toll on my desensitizing. All I care to watch is PWG (actually gonna go see Death before Dishonor in NYC though), and I really get pumped now that I just order every show as they come out. Makes it special when it finally comes in the mail and I call up my friend to watch it.
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Re: 2011 Battle of Los Angeles on August 20, 2011!

Postby jboyaquar » Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:25 pm

Due to PWG's status as an organization that de-emphasizes storylines in favor of workrate, a consequence is that the talent will modify their performances to better fit what the company demands. Thus, we have 'new' talent (like R. Taylor) who'll throw out a fifteen minute exhibition of a varied moveset without concentrating on developing a unique in-ring personality. I find myself often not paying much attention to matches featuring local talent like Taylor because I don't know who he is or why I should be watching one of his matches. Both his look and build are impressive, but it's the fighting spirit (P. Avalon/J. Yuma) or charisma which attracts this moth to the performer's light.

There are few surprises in an El Generico match - he'll always do the twisting arm drags/blue thunder bomb/yakuza kicks/etc...but he's an identifiable and lovable character. B. Gatson is a guy who'll provide lots of interesting maneuvers - but who cares?! Finding your character and exaggerating its quirks are keys to 'getting over.' Everyone booked in PWG can work, but can you entertain? Professional wrestling is a circus. The difference is that the majority of independent wrestling talent possess a similar capacity to be able to do what the next guy/gal can do. The key is to tell a compelling story rather than regurgitate your 'innovative' concepts where the aspiration is not to entertain, but to hope that everything is executed to perfection. This is not the blueprint to getting over.
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Re: 2011 Battle of Los Angeles on August 20, 2011!

Postby jboyaquar » Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:51 pm

camstun187 wrote:Man, some people here sound spoiled.

I don't grasp where and why this and the need to refer to PWG's twitter about jaded wrestling fans had a place in this conversation.

Outside of the deathmatches, Impact and too regionally based independent companies - I try and watch everything (WWE/PWG/ROH/Chikara/some AAW/Evolve/NJPW/All Japan/NOAH/Dragon Gate/DDT) b/c I love the art of professional wrestling. So I'm absolutely over-saturating myself yet if I ever feel as if I'm becoming jaded or I'm incapable of enjoying myself, then I'll stop watching so that my opinion doesn't sour on the overall product. A good example is WWE. Ever since the incredible 'Money in the Bank' PPV they have done such a mediocre job at storytelling (too rushed/what does CM Punk stand for besides an opaque desire to 'entertain') that after attending Summerslam I have not watched a minute of Raw/Smackdown.

By that same standard, I watched every minute of the G1 because Gedo & the NJPW people responsible for designing the tournament deserve tons of praise for booking an Awesome tourney in which all participants benefitted. And like BOLA, it wasn't match quality or shocking surprises that made it so entertaining, it was in the storytelling and knowing how best to use the talent you have without creating a sordid mess (WWE/TNA). Punk vs. Cena/Steen vs. Generico: These fellas make great rivals because it is so contextually clear what each stands for. Cena/Generico: light/babyfaces/the kids - Punk/Steen: dark/heavy/appeals to 18-34 men/heat magnets Keep it simple and the crowds will roar. Nakamura/Naito - company's #1 heel ace who had yet to win the G1 vs. the increasingly popular, younger babyface in his first G1 final and perhaps his biggest match. Again - great booking, just like BOLA's final.
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Re: 2011 Battle of Los Angeles on August 20, 2011!

Postby Gianto_Talbot » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:53 pm

Am I considered spoiled or jaded. The only wrestling I watch is the handful of PWG shows I catch over the last couple of years. I used to dvr TNA and NWA Hollywood. But I often found myself fast forwarding the while show. The PWG shows I seen just happened to set the bar pretty high for me. I completely see what other people are saying. It seems alot of their excitement and enjoyment of the event came from the show as a whole and the overall live experience rather than the matches individually. I didn't quite look at it that way. So maybe that makes me jaded. Plus i don't get jokes about Twilight and other weird nerd things that others in attendance got a kick out of. Someone even questioned if a show like that would translate well to DVD, good question. Well see. Wasn't really trying to complain. I definitely got way more than my money's worth. I just expected differently.
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