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Re: PWG's long term future?

Postby jacob_burman » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:20 pm

Gianto_Talbot wrote:I completely agree with you el Asian. I wasn't serious about the fantastics lol. That was more of an elaboration on the comment of preferring to see the rock n roll express over rock NES. I'm just not to big on those guys in comparison to others on the PWG roster. And while hogan and Nash arent drawing shit, it's those kinds of names that has kept TNA on tv. Unfortunate but true. Thats partbif the reason why TNA is still on tv and Roh isnt. Apaet from all the corporate bs. While I rather see the lo ki vs Chris Daniels main events from TNA's infancy, the world rather see "established stars" But that's just how things appear to me. I couldnt honestly tell you I understand wrestling or wrestling fans. I don't understand how people who seen Davey Richards vs Chris Hero or Low Ki vs American Dragon could think that HHH and The Undertaker are good workers. Or how anyone who has paid $25 for excellent seats at a PWG show would pay more the double for shitty seats at an even shittier WWE show. This is pretty much what I said about ECW about 15 years ago. Man I went on a bit of a tyraid here. Sorry everybody.

You got to give the Devil his due and in their prime, Taker and Hunter were damn good at what they did. They were good, not great, wrestlers, but they knew how to tell a story inside that ring and cut a damn good promo. And, let's face it, wrestling is kind of like a soap opera. Those guys knew the ins and outs and how to make people get into the story. Is someone like Danielson or Hero damn great wrestlers. Yes. But can they build a story, a feud, long term and make people give a damn about it. People have all different kinds of ideas of what truly is wrestling, but at the end of the day, it's about the big payoff. And you can't knock Taker and Hunter down on that because they have had some of the best payoffs in the business, especially against a guy like Mick Foley.

And having Hogan and Nash on TV isn't what is keeping TNA on TV. I mean, before Hogan, ratings were the same. So that's just a load of crap.

Why do people pay hundreds of dollars to see professional sports when they can basically get it cheaper to see college players play their hearts out instead of watching pros half ass it on the court? It's because of the name draw. WWE is like the NBA/NFL/MLB/etc while PWG is like the college or high school sport of it. People pack that in because they want to see the big name stars in action. Like it or not, WWE is wrestling/professional wrestling/sports entertainment/two guys fake fighting over nothing whatever the hell you want to call it. It's why WWE pays their employees a decent wage while PWG probably pays them a day's wage at best.
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Re: PWG's long term future?

Postby Gianto_Talbot » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:54 am

Not quite Mr Burman.
When Taker and HHH were in their prime so were Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Kris Kanyon, and many others that know how to do things. As much as I hate to say it, you can't really compare professional wrestling to professional sports. So the college kids playing there ass off compared to pro not giving it all argument doesn't really apply. In professional sports your accolades are based upon skill. If you can produce numbers, scores and stats not ratings, then your in. It takes an incredible amount of skill to get there. David Arquette will never be an mvp in the nba or nfl. Obviously not the case in wrestling. You'd have to compare it to a form of entertainment. Let's say music for instance. Your argument is the equivalent of taking the best band with the best musicians, and saying that there not as good as the backstreet boys because they didn't sell as many records. At the sametime there are 100,000 kids who can rap just like 50 cent or Drake, but well never hear of them and they never have a big payday from music. That's sounds much more like wrestling.
I'm not trying to knock anybody as much as I'm trying to talk about quality of wrestling. I said it clearly that this is something I do not understand. I think Kevin Nash is a very funny, whitty, and smart person. But a terrible, awful, lazy wrestler. I can't imagine he was trying hard in any of his matches. So when I would see dean Malenko and Rey misterio open on nitro, they raised the bar to a level that Nash, piper, hogan, and dammit I'm going to say it Ric Flair couldn't produce. This is the bar I feel the pwg roster sets every show. So I can't even sit through raw or tna. I can skim through a recorded episode of tan here and there but I honest haven't gave wwe a chance in a while. Looks like they got a good amount of young talented guys, but wrestling isn't really their thing so I don't have much motivation to tune in.
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Re: PWG's long term future?

Postby ajday » Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:16 pm

Over the last couple of days I have been hesitant as to what I've wanted to say on here. Honestly, I love the way that PWG is ran and I don't expect it to grow much more than what it already does now. I don't think it'll go to IPPVs because of the relationship with some wrestlers and ROH, but also because I don't think it would fly with the possible relationship it has with Highspots. No offense to them whatsoever, and I don't know what the restrictions are that they have with their deal, but they can't put the entrance music on the DVDs. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but what are they going to do for an IPPV, play something off of Garage Band?

I know that PWG might not seem like a comparable product to some of the others out there with their production, their dvds or whatever you want to compare with them, but Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is one hell of a company. You can't really say that you have wrestlers in other promotions who will go balls out for a once a month show, but you can say that about PWG. You can't say that another company can reform their card days before notice, but you can say that about PWG. You can't say that you have a fan base with such diversity, such passion, such wanting to chew out some stupid fan that brings up a (slight) rival company during a match at its event, but you sure as hell can say it about PWG.

I might not be the smartest guy about the company, let alone can I say that I am the dumbest, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is going any where south for a while.

That's just my take on this piece.
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