Kevin Steen interview with 411mania

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Kevin Steen interview with 411mania

Postby Shabang728 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:34 pm

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Re: Kevin Steen interview with 411mania

Postby jboyaquar » Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:03 am

A just decent interview. Though questions pertaining to specific happenstances were asked - it's typically soft on the subject, like almost all interviews with wrestlers and too often the interviewer isn't concise enough with his questions, ie. asking multiple questions before the subject is allowed to respond.

With that in mind I'm a little ticked by Steen's superficiality. Though there's little doubt that the idiots sitting in the first couple of rows, entrance side, distract from the PWG experience - they're not the root cause of a match Not being as great as it could have been.

A case in point is Steen's match versus Davey Richards.
My problem with the bout was that I had no idea who was face/heel - what, as an audience member, I should be rooting for or against. Steen continues to play a heel despite his desire to be witty. A stronger babyface like El Generico negates this (I'm in Japan - so not at "Steen Wolf," unfortunately) but Davey Richards is not a strong babyface in PWG. In fact, his complete lack of a character stance over the past year has left me baffled as how I should feel about him.

Most non-title matches in PWG can succeed at being hard-hitting exhibitions; I'm not so sure about title matches.

But that's another point completely.

In this match we have a nasty Don Muracoesque heel champion who has proven, along with the aforementioned El Generico, to be the PWG MVP of 2011 - who wants to root against a guy who often works twice a night, and has no other real steady wrestling gigs at the moment besides PWG?!
His opponent is one of the most sought after indy talent, ROH champion, newly crowned IWGP Jr. Tag Champions...why, as a fan, should I want him to win?!
But, then again, why do I want a wrestler who traumatizes little kids to win?! (I'm not watching the kid's {most likely} pathetic response)

Throughout the contest Richards the personality is ill at ease because he has no clue of how to play the crowd. Steen appears concerned to use the match as proof that he and Richards could light up a main event program in ROH - so there's plenty of excess...without any central thread to keep it together.

Their PWG match last month was both a successful hard-hitting exhibition, and a failure to create a memorable match due to a lack of a persuasive storyline. Don't blame it on the fans Kevin - it was just good and not great.

El Generico has done the same thing for the past six years - same character/same move-set - and yet he's still the (2nd?) most over guy in the fed.

Storylines are irrelevant to a successful federation; PWG proves this.
But a match must have a storyline - Steen/Richards did not.

BTW - Omega/PWG vet KAI rocked the house tonight at Sumo Hall - and is the new AJPW JR. heavyweight champion.
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