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"From Parts Well Known" Results

Postby TigerDriver98 » Sat Jun 24, 2006 11:09 pm

TJ Perkins Over Disco Machine
Havana Pitbulls Over Koslov/Ronin - Koslov/Ronin broke up after the match)
Chris Bosh Over Frankie Kazarian with help from Jade Chung
B-Boy Over Scott Lost - Human Tornado was the guest ref.
Steen/Sabin Over Cape Fear
Joey Ryan Over Davey Richards via a ton of outside help

B-Boy made his match with Joey on the 16th, a "Battle Dome" match. Which he explained was TLC inside a cage.

Also announced for the 3-year:

Kings Of Wrestling (Hero/Claudio) Vs. Briscoe Brothers
Roderick Strong Vs. TJ Perkins.

Very good show, one of the more top to bottom solid PWG shows ever. Everything was quite good. Cape Fear tag was probably my favorite of the show (that seems to happen alot, doesn't it?) More thoughts later...
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Postby FallenDragon » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:11 am

Sabin and Steen(Tweek and Cartman) Over Cape Fear Good Stuff!!!!
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Postby Matt Flash » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:54 am

Perkins/Disco was so weirdly short I wasn't expecting it, but that's probably what they were going for since they hadn't had a short match in a really long time. Or atleast none that I'd been there live for.

Pitbulls/Mighty Morphin Russian Rangers was a good match. First time I've gotten to see Pitbulls live and it was fun, fun stuff. I don't like the break up of MMRR though, I liked the tag team. And Koslov as a face is just weird. The match will prob. be good though so I'll go with it.

Bosh/Kazarian was pretty good after that weird beginning segment where everything looked botched or awkward. And poor Frankie and that VanFrankinator... so close but so far. The Springboard Hurricanrana off the apron though was amazing and I really wasn't expecting it at all.

BBoy/Lost was really good. I was surprised at how long it was but that's not a knock on it at all. I'd like to think I played a part in the match... I gave BBoy my water... and then he dumped it on Lost... and then I got it back after the match basically emptied... yeah it probably doesn't sound as awesome as it was.

Tweak and Cartman/Cape Fear was match of the night and obviously very good. Steen/Sabin are a very good tag team and I wouldn't mind their singles careers in PWG going on hold for a Tag Team run. They've got chemistry and it's obvious. Hopefully they actually DO get matching tights and that Sabin guy gets fat... because who really wants Steen to get in shape? I know, me neither.

Ryan/Richards was pretty overbooked but it was overbooked in a good way if that's possible. There's no way Joey beating Davey anywhere near clean would make sense and Davey had his neck pretty fucked up by the end there. Piledriver onto a chair to start the show and then all the Tiger Drivers to end the match.

A very solid show from top to bottom indeed, and short, too. I actually made it home by 12 45... I normally make it home by 1 30 at the earliest.
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Postby Joel » Sun Jun 25, 2006 1:25 am

Sounds like a great show, I didn't really expect as much when I looked at the card but PWG never lets us down.
Plus keep in mind, no Scorpio Sky or Top Gun Talwar (both in England) or Excalibur (YLC) or Super Dragon.
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Postby 450 Splash » Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:56 am

Why didn't tornado wrestle if he was there?Is he injured?
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Postby Wreckless » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:07 am

yay the pwg cage finally returns!!!, show sounds awsome will be picking it up on dvd when it's out :)
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Postby scrub » Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:09 pm

Ricky Reyes is a fucking beast! Huge markout moment seeing him beat the snot out of everybody. Koslov had such good chemistry with both Pitbulls.

Frankie busting out that insane rana = :shock: That came literally out of nowhere.

Someone's gotta help me out with this tag team name: Jumping Thunder Bomb Lightning Air Force One ... I know I'm way off.
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Postby SoCalAndy » Sun Jun 25, 2006 10:44 pm

Thoughts on the show!

-TJ Perkins vs. Disco Machine
The match was pretty good. Short, but good. Disco busting out tumbleweed sentons and shit was great. The most freaky moment came when Disco went for some top rope Exploder/Powerslam thing and his foot slipped and it looked like TJ almost landed on his head.

-Havana Pitbulls vs. Alex Koslov and Ronin
Seeing the Pitbull comeback was great. I can't even remember the last time they teamed up in any promotion. The match overall was really good. Breaking up Koslov and Ronin is pretty weak in my mind. They made such a great team, and I don't think Koslov would work out well as a face.

-Chris Bosh vs. Frankie Kazarian
There were some moments that came off as strange and akward, but a lot of things turned out really well. Bosh's promo before the match was so hilarious. Kazarian saying Sky looked like Carlton didn't make sense, since they look nothing alike. Jade Chung does a good job in her roll, but the chair shot she gave Frankie seemed kinda late. Still, it was pretty funny when she threw the chair in his face.

-B-Boy vs. Scott Lost
This was done extremely well in my mind, and there was a lot of things that were built up in this. Tornado being a referee worked out well, and him preventing run ins by Bosh and Joey worked even better. The drama that was added with B-Boy barely beating the countouts were a great touch aswell. The finish was my favorite part of the match.

-Chris Sabin and Kevin Steen vs. Cape Fear
Typical Cape Fear match, in which it was amazing. The sickest part of the match was when Generico got chopped in the center of his chest, because it seemed like he got the wind knocked out of him. The entire match was fun, there are a bunch of Cape Fear matches I enjoyed over this one but this one would rank pretty high on my list.

-Joey Ryan vs. Davey Richards
I couldn't see the begining of the match, so I don't know what happend. Tornado against playing the roll of the special guest referee was great. Him taking out Arrogance for awhile with the Top Con Hilo was smart. The match worked out well, as it kept Davey strong and it helped continue to establish Joey's cheater gimmick.

The post match promo by B-Boy was kinda weird. Like, who's idea was it to call the match between him and Joey a "Battledome" match? It just seems like a Guerrilla Warfare match inside a cage. Hopefully it's not the WPW cage that they used for the Kazarian/Pearce match at Reason For The Season. And the Briscoes/Kings match looks amazing.
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Postby WannaB » Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:52 pm

I'm kinda glad that Koslov & Ronin split. They worked well together, but I don't think they were any better off than they were as singles. Koslov has more to gain in singles competition regardless.

I can't wait for Kings/Briscoes. That's going to be incredible.

And yeah, I'm having similar thoughts on the whole Battledome thing. Also, if they're calling it a dome (even though it will obviously be cubicle) I'm wondering if it implies that it will have a roof.
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Postby Pinky » Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:56 pm

I am wondering should I even go the next show?? Hmm cage match, talbes, ladders and chairs, OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS!! Of course I am gonna be there!!

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Postby Ocire » Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:58 pm

The Battle Dome match is going to be freaking awesome! I'm definitely showing at the three year anniversary. The results sound great it's just a shame Disco Machine had to lose. :( Oh well, maybe next time.
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Postby jman2000 » Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:11 am

FallenDragon wrote:Sabin and Steen(Tweek and Cartman)

i dont get it... why are they tweek and carman
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Postby WannaB » Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:07 pm

Because Sabin's hair makes him look like Tweek from South Park, and Steen is "big boned" and wears red like Cartman from South Park.
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