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Results ?

Postby TheOutlawinLa » Sun Jul 16, 2006 7:40 pm

When one of you lucky bastards who got to go to the show get home, please place results up


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Postby Big Joe » Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:00 pm

From onlxn at DVDVR:

Two PWG milestones tonight -- it's their third anniversary show, and it's also their final show in the Hollywood/Los Feliz JCC, the lovable sweatbox that's been their home for the last two years. Will a third milestone be achieved? Will Joey's record title reign finally end tonight, with a B-Boy defense that's been teased all year? We shall see...

Not as many seats as usual, but all the seats are packed, and in fact they had to bring in a few dozen extra. A good crowd, I'm guessing in the 350 range. The 'Box is appropriately sweltering for its sendoff show. Also appropriately for PWG's last year, the night begins with the announcement of a high-profile no-show -- two, in fact. No Briscoes. FUCK. It's Kings of Wrestling vs. Cape Fear instead, which sounds pretty nice, anyway, and we're off.

1) Disco Machine beat Excalibur with the Chokebreaker (for the title of World's Greatest DVD Commentator; cute, sloppy little match, not too long and fine for what it was)

2) Ronin beat Nemesis with the lariat/Death Valley Driver combo (surprisingly good and heated little match, as Nemesis ate Ronin's power offense beautifully; Ronin, who usually gets booed solely for his look, was getting some genuine heel heat by the end)

3) Colt Cabana beat Topgun Talwar with an inverted bearhug (good comedy fun, with a lot of nicely choreographed stuff; still, this *was* a bit too long, and Topgun's crazed cokehead act and Colt's bemused Catskills act don't entirely mesh)

4) The Dynasty (Scorpio Sky, Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) beat Kevin Steen, Davey Richards & The Human Tornado; Scorpio pinned Tornado with an implant DDT (fucking awesome six-man, perfectly built and executed; the faces vs. Dynasty feud is the best thing in PWG in forever, and YOU NEED TO SEE THIS)


5) Roderick Strong beat TJ Perkins with the Stronghold (exactly what you'd expect -- a solid, crisp good match that didn't get much of a response from the short-attention-span PWG faithful; started a little too slow, but very good match, and easily 2nd best of the night so far)

6) The Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) beat Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver); Hero pinned Generico after a flipping double-team powerbomb combination situation (started slow, but built into a great, polished tag match, almost as good as the six-man; other than the Briscoes and maybe Rave/Shelley, these are probably the two best teams in America right now, no shit)

They're setting up the cage; commish Dino Windwood is affably shilling DVDs to fill the time. For what it's worth, Jon Ian went through the BOLA lineups and still listed Mark and Jay with no caveats, so I guess they're still in...

7) Joey Ryan beat B-Boy in a Battledome match with an ETHER-SOAKED RAG!!! to retain the PWG World Heavyweight Title (was essentially a TLC match inside a cage; great, brutal ten-minute opening, followed by some meandering around the ring that lost the crowd, with an epically spotty and overbooked finish; ludicrous and fun, and essentially PWG's Raven/Stevie vs. Pitbulls, in both good and bad ways)
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Postby CheMateo » Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:53 pm

Congrats to PWG for reaching their Third Anniversary. Good show. Pretty packed house. But unfortuneately the heat really sucks the energy out of the crowd.

Anybody know what happened to the Briscoes?

Let's hear it for Claudio who worked through the match even though a gash of his opened up in the early mintues of the match. He didn't even wipe off the blood with a towel or anything, he just kept on wrestling like a real man. Thanks Claudio!

I actually really enjoyed the Colt vs Talwar match even though somebody said it went on too long. I thought it was good and a nice change of pace. The inverted bear hug was cool. Funny stuff.

The six man was cool with intensity. It was wild and the crowd ate it up despite the sweltering heat. I feel bad for that big fellow who ate some of Tornado's tope. Poor guy got banged up during all the brawling.

Crowd was a bit dead for the Strong/Perkins match. Wasn't bad. Glad to see Strong come out on top, I actually thought Perkins may actually pull out the victory.

The Kings Of Wrestling vs Cape Fear I thought this match was awesome. May have been match of the night for me. Too bad the crowd was kind of out of it for the first half. Prop to Claudio of course. Loved the crazy double team moves that the Kings pull off. And that European uppercut into Generico near the end was brutal.

Cage match was fun. Crazy seeing Knox fight back and getting busted open but you had to know that was bad news for B-Boy as the cage door would be open. Both men took some wicked shots. B-Boy was stiff as hell with those chair shots. B-Boy took a good nestea plunge from the side of the cage thru a table. The ending was very cool clusterfuck. With all the guys brawling.
Did anybody else notice the vibrator Bosh was using as a weapon? I thought that was hilarious. Cool flip by tornado off the top of the cage to all the guys below.
Then B-Boy splashing Ryan thru the table! Eveyrbody thought it was 3! So very close. But goddamn Ryan has to steal the win with the ether. Awesome show and can't wait for BOLA 2006!
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Postby sghost » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:24 pm

Man we really were pissed off by Ryan sneaking out the victory. But in a way it was a compliment pelting the Dynasty with all that trash.
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Postby TIOjon » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:27 pm

it was prety great as always i tihnk the last match just died cause B-boy had a 3 count then the ref fucked it up and said it was 2 so from that point on everyone knew joey ryan was set to win it

well it was extremly hot in there and everyone was dying from it
but it was the last show in the JCC i doubt anyone will complain about the move after they hear theres an AC in the other venue

and that one girl was there :wink: still amazing!!!!!
someone has to know something about her!

:( goodbye JCC hello AC! :D
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Postby SpaceChief » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:32 pm

I love the red card during disco excalibur funny stuff.
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Postby CheMateo » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:33 pm

[quote=] i tihnk the last match just died cause B-boy had a 3 count then the ref fucked it up and said it was 2 so from that point on everyone knew joey ryan was set to win it


Dude I think you're wrong about the ending. I was right up against the cage and it was a close three count. Patrick never hit three it was just that close. And to me it seemed like the crowd, me included, was eating it up. I think it was pretty wild in the end.

BTW it was good seeing ref Hernandez again. I thought he would never come back. Is he going to be back for good now that Marty is leaving?
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Postby evilpaz » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:42 pm

I just got back myself. My thoughts:

Disco Machine v. Excalibur
Twas a nice fun match. Funny little spot where Disco head butts Ex's chest ala Zidane and the ref pulled out a red card. Slapstick at it's best.

Nemesis v. Ronin
Nice seeing Nemesis back after a brief hiatus from PWG. As much flack that Ronin gets for being a fat fuck, he really is a good wrestler. The crowd was on Ronin the whole match (as usual) and Ronin played off them well.

Colt Cabana v. Top Gun Talwar
Your typical comedy match. Lots of stalling for the comedy bits but at least they were *kinda* funny in a PWG way. The crowd was eating all of it up so that's a plus.

The Dynasty v. Davey Richards, Kevin Steen, & Human Tornado
Dynasty coming out with the DX gimmick, haha. What was up with Bosh and dude in the front? Either he was joking around or he was legit pissed. Bosh acted like a fool through the whole ordeal, but he stayed away from that corner of ringside the whole match. Sky is just too ridiculous, he was worse than Bosh with that acting-like-a-fool-during-the-match bit.

Roderick Strong v. TJ Perkins
The match was fine, but it totally killed the vibe of the night. The crowd died for this match, which kinda sucked cuz they (we, I guess) were hyped up the whole night. TJ's a great, great wrestler, but his style doesn't appeal to the PWG masses. Roderick was being heckled by some drunk dudes and it affected him from focusing on the match.

Kings of Wrestling v. Cape Fear
The crowd was still dead from the last match at the beginning, but picked up as the match went on. Lots of lucha from both teams and great double team moves from KOW. Someone told me that CC was bleeding because he was in ROH's Cage of Death Match the night before. Kinda wished Cape Fear would've won, but ah well.

B-Boy v. Joey Ryan
Crazy, crazy match. Started off kinda slow but picked up REAL quick. B-Boy's fucking STIFF with his chair shots. The ladder shots were sick, too! Dunno if he hit it cuz it was hard to see, but it looked like B-Boy went for a Curb Stomp onto a chair from the top of the cage to the floor. One of the best false finishes I've ever witnessed with the crowd already going wild with the ghost 3-count. Fucking Joey retains by killing B-Boy with water, I mean ether. And yeah, I saw a dildo running around in the ring... good times. Joey with showered with bottles that were thrown into the ring after the match. Should be cool looking on the DVD.


JCC was fucking HOT, if driving an extra half hour means sitting in Air Conditioned place then I won't complain. The place was packed tonight; the crew had to get more chairs to get everyone seated. We sat behind some idiots who wanted to chant anything and everything just for the hell of it. It was kinda annoying but hey, that's pro wrestling for ya. Sans TJ/Strong, the crowd was very energetic the whole night.

So yeah... Happy Birthday, PWG!
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Postby WannaB » Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:32 am

CheMateo wrote:
Anybody know what happened to the Briscoes?

They missed their flight. It's not the first time & I doubt it'll be the last.
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Postby TigerDriver98 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:34 am

Since there seems to be alot of good reports for this show already and I'm kinda tired, I'll keep my thoughts somewhat short

- Before the show, Scorpio Sky (with CHUCK MERCURY~! bring him back!) came out and taunted the people in line, particularly PWG board poster "Pinky"

- Good turn out, finding enough chairs seemed to be an issue.

- Disco Vs. Excalibur: Decent enough, but they are capable of more. Red card bit was really funny though. Disco wins after blocking the heart punch with a nerve hold.... then hit the Chokebreaker for the win. Fans seemed dissapointed in this out come...

- Ronin Vs. Nemesis: Good match. It was pretty short, but it filled the time well. Ronin wins with the DVD. Huge heat for Ronin on his exit.

- Colt Cabana w/ Jewish entourage (cardboard pictures of Jewish Couples) Vs. Top Gun Talwar: Thought this was a whole lot of fun. Perhaps my favorite Top Gun singles match. Colt Cabana got the submission victory with an Bear hug from a Tombstone position.

After the match Joey Ryan hits the ring and gives Top Gun a piledriver on a chair. Then proceeds to cut a promo on B-Boy, and then gives Top Gun another piledriver on a chair. Goes for it again, when Excalibur (with taped up ribs from the earlier chokebreaker... nice tough) chases Joey Ryan off.

- Dynasty Vs. Steen/Davey/Tornado: Excellent match. Dynasty enter to the Run DMC version of the DX theme and do a whole DX act. Match was alot of fun, and super heated. Steen/Bosh, Sky/Tornado, Davey/Lost really work excellently together. Scorpio Sky wins after his Blackout DDT on Human Tornado.

- Intermission: bought my BOLA tickets for all 3 nights (which completed my $110 spending day at PWG... yikes) Judging by the numbers on the back of my tickets, Night 3 and 2 were the biggest movers.

- Back in the building, I can't say I'll miss that thick blanket of heat that hits you when you re-enter the JCC.

- Roderick Strong Vs. TJ Perkins: Started off weird, with TJ having to break to tie his boot, and Strong being distracted by drunk fans (imagine when they add a BAR to the mix! Then the fun will never end!) But it really picked up and grew into a very good match. As echoed in other people's thoughts. This wasn't really the kind of match the crowd wanted to see. This is upsetting, as it was real good. Strong is one of my favorite wrestlers right now, and TJ has really impressed me lately (forever endeared himself as a worker to me, when he carried a totally blown up Kid Vicious to a decent match in UPW). So yeah, I really liked this one.

- KOW Vs. Cape Fear: Pretty much what you'd expect from these teams. Fancy double teams and fun galore. Not much else to say, other than great match...

Joey Ryan Vs. B-Boy - BATTLEDOME!!! AWESOME! I just love matches like this. Loads of prop shots, epic overbooking, blood (RICK KNOX getting BUSTED OPEN!) Tornado diving off the cage, the valets getting into the action. It was a blast...

Now, I was sure going into this, that Joey wasn't losing the title (I mean think about it, if B-Boy wins, then Sky's whole BOLA quest is pointless, plus I saw that Joey was booked for a PWG title defense with PUMA in NoCal in two weeks... so it all pointed to him winning) but even I bit on the Big Splash near fall.

Which was easy to do. As it was an amazing moment, with a good deal of the guys Joey had wronged in the past, Steen, Davey, Tornado cheering him, it was like one of those cheesy sports movies where time stands still right before the hero finally wins the big one over his tormentors.

Then Joey goes smokey mountain on us, with the ether rag. What will he think of next?

Crowd hated the finish, but I'm sure outrage was the intended crowd reaction here. The ring being flooded with water bottles, soda cans and assorted debris only added to chaos. Big E. Biggz going psycho on people throwing stuff was fairly funny as well.

I imagine we'll see a rematch of some kind at the BOLA.

- Still hard to believe, the 2 year long JCC era is over. They had a really good run.

- Overall, a really fun show. But I must say the Briscoes no showing PWG again, really hurt the show. Even though, I think they are really good wrestlers, and a great tag team.... If they can't be bothered to show up when they are booked, I'd rather see their spots go to people who'll actually appear. If they end up being replaced in BOLA (don't know if it's worth risking them no showing again), I'd like see someone like Alex Shelley, American Dragon, Human Tornado or Austin Aries get their spots if possible.

- Picked up "Hollywood Globetrotters" (wanted "Thunderdome" but had already far exceeded my rasslin' budget at this show) Glad to see that the promos have returned! Good stuff...
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Postby urmomsurdad » Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:41 am

evilpaz wrote:Roderick Strong v. TJ Perkins
The match was fine, but it totally killed the vibe of the night. The crowd died for this match, which kinda sucked cuz they (we, I guess) were hyped up the whole night. TJ's a great, great wrestler, but his style doesn't appeal to the PWG masses. Roderick was being heckled by some drunk dudes and it affected him from focusing on the match.

not tooo sure on crowd death here.
i was looking forward to this match and liked this match as tj is tremendous... great technical wrestler. from where i was people were into it... it just possibly suffered from 2 things:
the heat (fuckin a get a fan)
and the curse of a post intermission match... so many good matches like these but peeps are usually stuffing their faces during these so it's hard to yell with nuggets all up in yo mouth... plus who yells at chain wrestling? ya just sit back and enjoy the moves that are unfolding as opposed to "ooooohhhhhhhh"ing a big spot.
it'd be like slaming at a jazz show.
those hecklers did seem to get to woderick.. but hey... they were having fun (yet more fans who clearly liked what they saw)
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Postby Evilguest » Mon Jul 17, 2006 4:51 am

TIOjon wrote:
and that one girl was there :wink: still amazing!!!!!
someone has to know something about her!

:( goodbye JCC hello AC! :D

Out of curiosity what does she look like?
Snowflake or Killer Bee, no one knows.
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Postby Aaron » Mon Jul 17, 2006 6:41 am

TJ and Strong opened up after the interval with a series of mat wrestling and people wonder why the crowd was quiet? ;)
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Postby scrub » Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:25 am

I had a fun time! PWG!
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Postby shyboy13 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:03 pm

Totally agree. This was one of the funnest PWGs I have ever attended. Probably the funnest.
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Postby Ocire » Mon Jul 17, 2006 3:59 pm

TigerDriver98 wrote:- Good turn out, finding enough chairs seemed to be an issue.

Yeah it was. The only reason we got some was because my sis is pregnant. :D
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