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Dr. Keith Show - Gabe Sapolsky - FREE SHOW!

Postby DrKeith » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:42 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - Free S***! Edition Recap with Ring Of Honor's Gabe Sapolsky
Recap by Brian Cooter, http://www.bigvanvader.com

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Gabe Sapolsky Recap

Dr. Keith asks about Wrestling Observer winner for best booker Gabe Sapolsky for his views on current ROH Heavyweight Champion Takeshi Morishima. Gabe calls Morishima a great talent and a great opportunity for ROH and chose him to represent the company as to not go stale which Gabe says had happened with the old ECW, "They put the same product on year after year, it got stale after awhile and it got old." Gabe then puts over the unique aspect of having a super heavyweight on top, Keith says they also haven't had many guys with cowboy hats in the promotion, Gabe replies saying that every promotion should have at least ten wrestlers with cowboy hats, Keith thinks twelve and a half.

Gabe says that Kevin Steen and El Generico will be bought back in the promotion but isn't sure whether they'll be full time or not. He also states how impressed he is with them both, particularly the improvements Steen has made, and also puts over Matt Cross.

Keith asks if the money feuds for 2007 will be the chase for Morishima's title and the ROH gang wars? Gabe says the gang wars won't be as emotional as the ROH-CZW feud but will have great matches and a great story. Gabe also states that the gang wars feud won't be affected by any wrestlers being injured or being in TNA.

The good doctor asks about Dragon Gate. Gabe hopes to be able to book more Japanese talent after the July dates in Japan. Gabe says that the shows in Japan will be totally unlike the US ones. Gabe says ROH will focus on the younger guys as the Japanese legends have priced themselves too high.

Keith asks Gabe about his favorite Samoa Joe moment. Gabe says that there might not even be an ROH without Samoa Joe, putting over the first Low-Ki match, the CM Punk one hour matchs and the Kobashi match. Keith asks how the Morishima match held up to the Kobashi match? Gabe puts over the excellent ROH crowd who made the match. Gabe says that Morishima and KENTA will be back in April and states that "we're not putting the belts on guys that won't be available to us."

Gabe confirms that he has his top talent 'locked in' at the moment. He puts a lot of credit to WSX as a unique product and says at least it's not a rip-off of WWE like 'another product.' Asked about Homicide's reign, Gabe says it was always intended to be short but says it was still credible. He likens his reign to Rocky II where the story is winning the belt, then when he wins, it's over.

Keith asks if there's any plans to move any further west. Gabe states Japan, but not any further west in the US at the moment. Keith asks about good booking. Gabe says that usually what he enjoys, the fans enjoy. Keith talks about the last Chicago show, Gabe asks if that was when Delirious ripped Dr. Keith's shirt off? Gabe says he made sure that was on the DVD!

On Mike Awesome and Doug Gentry. Gabe didn't know Mike too well but says he was nice and respectful. On Doug he said they were close friends for a number of years and he was a good person and has a lot of fond memories.

Keith then moves on to Jake Roberts with Gabe telling the story of Jake holding FIP up for more money and Gabe calling his bluff and escorting Jake out the building. On Bryan Danielson, Gabe hopes to see him back by early summer.

Keith asks how ROH will grow in the future with DVD's in the stores or PPV's. Gabe says they will take it one step at a time and says they have come such a long way in five years. Gabe says that ROH is his dream job. On Larry Sweeney, Gabe intends to just use him as a manager for the time being but down the line he could see him wrestling when the time is right.

Gabe talks about returning to the UK later in the year and intends to go over with their 'A' game. Chicago superstar Alex 'Sugarfoot' Payne is discussed as is the potential of a trios title. Gabe plugs the Chicago Spectacular Night 2 DVD with Dr. Keith getting his shirt re-opened by Delirious. Keith still pines for an uncensored Supercard Of Honor DVD with the 'Dr. Keith' chant. Checkout http://www.rohwrestling.com for more ROH Goodness, and the Video wire from the Chicago show is now up at http://www.rohvideos.com. Fantastic interview!

Plus this week: Learn Cowboy Bill Barlow's status in the gay community, and talk of squirrels, smurfs, Japanese rock act Shonen Knife, New Jack, booze, WrestleMania, Hydra speaking sand script and Girl Scout Cookies! REJOYCE!

In addition Larry Sweeney has purchased advertising time on the Dr. Keith Show this week to send a message to that "pipsqueak" Bryan Alvarez regarding Bryan's accepting Larry's "Sweet N Sour Open Challenge" for the debut of Fight Sports Midwest at the Camelot Sportsplex in Portage, Indiana on Saturday March 17th. Bryan has accepted but threatened to take Sweeney's prestigious ICWICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship back to Seattle and re-name it the Frank A. Gotch Collar & Elbow Championship. Check out http://www.myspace.com/fightsportsmidwest for more information on this huge show headlined by Samoa Joe vs. Eddie Kingston!

Listen now and check out the other free content on http://www.f4wonline.com this week!
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