Dr. Keith Show Recap - Mauro Ranallo

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Dr. Keith Show Recap - Mauro Ranallo

Postby DrKeith » Mon Apr 02, 2007 11:25 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Mauro Ranallo
Recap by Brian Cooper of http://www.BigVanVader.com

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Mauro Ranallo Recap

After beginning the interview with a pizza pie order, PRIDE take-over (or merger) talk ensues. Mauro says it's way too early to see how the deal will pan-out but sees it as a RAW-Smackdown deal. Keith hopes to see CM Punk on an Ultimate Fighter type show. Mauro talks about the other groups: Elite XC, K-1 Heros, Bodog, Strikeforce and Cage Rage likening the two rivals to Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. Keith thinks whoever releases a rap record first will win, Mauro agrees that who turns down the grill endorsement will lose.

Mauro promises Mike Sempervive a FIGHT NETWORK FRISBEE if he's able to succeed in getting Fight network broadcast in the US. Mauro being single is brought up but sadly no happy gossip. Mauro doesn't think Elite XC/K-1 Heros will sellout the Los Angeles Coliseum ~ REALLY? But thinks they will make a 'big splash.' Mauro talks about Brock Lesnar being the 'real deal' although states he has a tough test with the TECHNO GOLIATH Choi Hong Man. Johnnie Morton talk next with Mauro hinting other NFL stars may make the jump.

Top question next as Dr. Keith asks whether we shall see Mario Lopez handling interviews on the next Elite XC show. Mauro hopes so, so he can use his saved by the bell line which almost elicits a laugh. Mauro asks about WSX with Keith has no comment suited for a family man and recapper. The three compare buyrates for the De La Hoya - Mayweather fight and Wrestlemania. Mauro says the WM23 build up has been awesome. After a Country Boy sing song, Keith says he is convinced that Dave Bautista has told him that he's going to have an awful match from his Batista poster. GIANT GONZALEZ talk with Keith telling the story of when he had to stop a drunk Sempervive from having a Giant Gonzalez fur body suit tattoo. Keith says that even Ric Flair got a good promo outta Gigante 'I want zee belt' with Mauro wanting to learn to do promos by the GREAT KHALI, Ahmed Johnson and Nailz.

June 2nd PPV talk again with Keith hoping that their isn't a terrorist threat resulting in the show being moved to a smaller venue. Semp asks the likelihood of PRIDE obtaining another television deal. Mauro says that's the $64,000 question and states that Japan is a nationalistic country and isn't sure how they'll respond to an American owned company but ultimately hopes PRIDE will succeed. More importantly, what's going to happen to HUSTLE? Mauro thinks it'll go the way of the great athlete on crack cocaine. They all agree that this would actually make the product

BETTER. Mauro romanticises over the first Hustle show with Goldberg, Dusty Rhodes, Mil Mascaras, Shinya Hashimoto and some guy named Big Van Vader.

After a brief American Idol discussion (Keith has never watched), Mauro tells a story about receiving death threats as Ranger Ranallo on air but says this is the most laid back interview he's ever done. 'THIS IS THE DR. KEITH SHOW, NOT ROCKET SCIENCE' replies the good doctor. Mauro's 'lawyer' (who Keith hopes is a sock puppet) forbids Mauro to talk about his PRIDE career other than Mauro stating 'karma is a female dog.'

IFL talk. Mauro sees them lasting 'a few more years' but thinks they should approach bigger names for their superfights. Mauro talks about the Canadian MMA group Hardcore Championship Fighting although states that MMA is still illegal in Ontario. Intermission time. Keith asks which is more surprising in 2007; UFC owning PRIDE, or a Tito Ortiz/Dana White boxing match? Bodog talk next. Semp asks if Calvin Ayre is good for MMA? Mauro objects to seeing Ayre twenty times an episode. He says that Matt Lindland's takedown defence will be difficult for Fedor Emelianenko but ultimately Fedor should prevail. Mauro's crystal ball sees a future Fedor-Mirko Cro Cop rematch and that Jesse Ventura will organise an MMA union. Semp imagines Nick Diaz as Minnesota governor?

Semp asks Mauro's opinion on elbows? Mauro is impressed that Dana mentioned unifying the rules without retelling the 'UFC myth'. Mauro sees the rules change as a move forward and wants to see knees on the ground someday. 'Not the agony of the feet but the agony of the knees,' 'jokes' Mauro. After a Mauro induced musical interlude (which Keith watches to his ECW dancing girls video). Mauro chooses not to sing Happy Birthday on Keith's birthday show in fear of getting sued by Paul McCartney (or Heather Mills).

Mauro talks about 'Bad News' Allen Coage's funeral and both puts him over and Dan Callis' speech. Mauro tells a story when he was getting pissed off with dodgy television equipment and Allen laughing at him, until Allen fell of his chair and gave Ranallo the Bad News stare.

Mauro thinks Roddy Piper painting himself half black was the pre-cursor to Bad News leaving the WWF. Teddy Hart talk. Mauro for sees a New Hart Foundation with Teddy Hart but feels he needs an Allen Coage type to guide him. Mauro sees Harry Smith as a future WWE champion but sees Nattie Niedhart as the biggest star of the new breed of Harts.

Keith hopes Mauro doesn't ever contract Mauro Ranallo disease and asks for a Stu Hart stretching story. Mauro retells such a story of an 86 year old Stu Hart applying a reverse full nelson resulting in a raccoon eye and a 'I SURVIVED BEING STRETCHED BY STU HART IN THE DUNGEON' tee shirt ~ YAY! Mauro lists several wrestler trained by Stu Hart including Superstar Graham, Johnny Valentine, Gene Kiniski, Tom Billington, Davey Boy Smith, Keichi Yamada and Shinya Hashimoto.

Two final questions ~ Two dream match-ups if Mauro was the bookerman, and would Mauro ever work for PRIDE again? Mauro says 'never say never' to the latter although is contractually obligated and enjoying his current employment. The two matches would be a third Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock fight and Paul Buentello vs. Roman Zentsov, but sadly no mention of Butterbean vs. Zuluzinho although all is forgiven with the possibility of MIDGET MMA ~ YAY! Before finishing with Gina Carano and WWE Hall of Fame talk with Jerry Lawler not answering Mauro's email and more. Excellent seventy minute interview.

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Also this week: domineering yet cunning wordplay involving Bowling with Blaster Lashley, Mania predictions and thoughts, who should be the new M in MNM, the wit and wisdom of Paul Stanley, ROH road trip HYPE~! and beautiful singin
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