BIW WHO'S THE MAN RESULTS FROM 11/18 [Davey Richards returns

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BIW WHO'S THE MAN RESULTS FROM 11/18 [Davey Richards returns

Postby TheOutlawinLa » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:14 pm

Date - November 18th, 2007
Venue - West Monroe Sports Complex
Attendance - 142

Sunday, November 18th was a wild day to say the least. Starting off very rocky with 5 - 7 of the BIW staff members not coming, bad weather, few wrestlers showing up later than expected, and the tarp for the ring being left in Shreveport.

Wow. This show is doomed right ?


Yea we started 35 minutes late because of the tarp situation, but when the night was over nobody cared we started the night late because they didn't want it to end.

I'm a tough critic on myself, my wrestlers, and my promotion, but two of the best matches BIW has ever had were on this show. I would say at least two of the top four matches we have had [Includes my USPW shows]

Opening Bout - Braydin Payge Vs Joey Spector Vs Sean Cordova

The night started out with a good back, and forth triple threat match between Braydin Payge, Joey Spector & Sean Cordova. The fans were definitely behind the hometown boy [Payge] for this match. Joey Spector still wants to be from Louisiana, and he tried to help Payge the whole time during this match.

Until the end that is . .. .Spector pulled Payge out of the way when Cordova went for his finisher the 450. Spector then encouraged Payge to finish off Cordova, and he tried to with a crisp DVD, but before he could make the pin Spector came back into the ring landing a DDT, and got the cheap victory.

Winner - Joey Spector

From there the "Fire" Jeremy Young came out, and reminded everybody they live in a small stinkin town, and He should be the number one contender because he beat Ikaika back in May. He called out promoter Josh Newell, but Josh didn't answer the call. Jeremy then vowed to stay at ringisde till he got answers, and that he did setting at the ring announcer table.

Chance Wyndam W Foxy Roxy defeated Kristopher Haiden

the winless Chance Wyndam came out with his new valet Foxy Roxy, and challenged everybody, and anybody within distance of the ring to a match. He started the Chance challenge apparently with a new found confidence now that Veronica Ludart is out of the picture. PCW uncut star Kristopher Haiden answersed the challenge. They had a good back, and forth contest which Roxy got involved in several times taking away from how hard both men were going at it. Haiden looked as though he was going to be able to put Chance down for the count, but Wyndam was able to get his first victory with the superkick.

Winner - Chance Wyndam

Post match Veronica Ludart came out and told Chance to enjoy the victory while it lasted, and that her boyfriend would be here to face Chance in December. Revenge if you will.

Scott Murdoch & Viktor Tadlok Versus El Medical & Bomb Loco

Scott Murdoch returned to BIW after a one show suspension for his own good, and ranted, raved, and griped until bringing out his new tag team partner Viktor Tadlok. The two then called out the biggest baddest team from the back, and the challenge was answered by El Medical and Bomb Loco. Good match, but the strength of Tadlok and Murdoch was to much. Not to mention Kyle Lewis getting involved on the behalf of there team.

Winner - Murdoch & Tadlok

Post match they tried to put Bomb Loco through a table, but security stopped them. Murdoch said tonight he didn't get to put anybody through a table, but December 16th he would .. . .Any team .. . from anywhere .. . .Table match at Pinnacle.

Before intermission they plugged the next show being at a different venue, and tons of upper tier matches like Jay Lethal vs Davey Richards, Ikaika defending the belt, Jon Heidenreich vs Steve Anthony one more time, and the table match we just found out about.

After intermission we had Court is in session.

Just check out the pictures on our myspace page to see what happened. It's safe to say once again Court Caution was emberassed, and this time it was by Viper with his 14 foot long snake Melina.

Don Juan wasn't scared though. A little trash talking, and we had ourselves a match.

Don Juan Vs Viper

Don Juan is slowly becoming the interrupter of BIW. Anytime somebody has something to say, he has more to say. Viper wouldn't have any of it though. This match was very back, and forth. Good old school match with tons of mat wrestling, and high impact blows. Sadly however Don Juan cheated to get the victory ending the thing on a sour note.

Winner - Don Juan

Viper was bitter at first, but got angry when he saw Don Juan dancing to celebrate the victory. Melina was then used to scare Don Juan off, and to the back. The fans really enjoyed Viper's debut over in BIW.

Jeremy Young then stormed from the ring announcer table [Yes he sat over there the whole time] And said he had enough. He's tired of the circus act. He wants to know if he is number one contender, or not right now. He gave Josh Newell five seconds to come out. He didn't. Jeremy then said fine Im going to come get you.

Josh's music played, and he came out to tell Jeremy you don't have to come get me. Josh informed Jeremy he is the number one contender, and will face Ikaika in December. Just when Jeremy thought his night was over Josh told him that now that he is number one contender he should have to defend it. He reminded Jeremy of pushing him down back in May i nfront of his own mom. Josh brought out ROH star Davey Richards.

Just when you thought they were going at it.

Josh Introduced Vordel Walker making it a triple threat match for the Number one contendership.

Davey Richards Vs Vordel Walker Vs Jeremy Young

Jeremy bailed out of the ring from the start, and stayed out there the whole match. Davey and Vordel went toe toe toe, until Jeremy was able to grab the tights of Vordel Walker, and pull off the huge upset.

Winner - Jeremy Young

The fans booing like wild as Jeremy remained the number one contender. Vordel and Davey then had some words, and decided the two "men" would fight now that the boy is gone.

Davey Richards Vs Vordel Walker

Great match. Had mat wrestling, big spots, wild brawling, stifness, and some displays of power and high flying. The crowd was loud for this WHOLE match. Both men showed why they are so well respected on the Independent scene. The end came when Davey hit an amazing shooting star press.

Winner - Davey Richards

Both men got a standing ovation from the crowd. First time in BIW's young history.

Foxy Roxy W Chance Wyndam Vs Christie Sommers

First ever women's match was just what we expected it to be. Lot's of fighting, and intensity. Chance tried to help Foxy during the match, but was cut off by Veronica Ludart. Foxy got distracted, and Christie landed some STIFF forearms before finishing Roxy off. These two women gave the audience exactly what they wanted.

Winner - Christie Sommers

Foxy was pissed post match beind held back by Chance Wyndam.

Andy Dalton Vs JT Lamotta Special referee Brother Nick

Wild match. Order the DVD to find out more, but this second match was better than the first believe it or not. Ladder, kendo stick, chairs, and more. Dalton ended up busted open, but kept fighting much to the suprirse of everybody in the building. Andy was done, finished, wiped out, until the ultimate swerve came about, and Brother Nick refused to count Dalton out.

Lamotta ended up getting the short end of the stick, and a piledriver on a chair from Andy Dalton.

Winner - Andy Dalton

The ruckus crowd was shocked at this action considering the past of Dalton / Nick . .. But both men informed the city your either in, or out . .. forming Inner Circle right in front of our eyes. The crowd took forever to pile out of the building because most simply couldn't believe it.

Next show is scheduled for December 16th. It will be the BIGGEST show in BIW HISTORY

Quick Run Down

Best Face Pop - Davey Richards

Best Heel pop - Andy Dalton

Most shocking moment - Brother Nick JOINING Andy Dalton

Best Spot - Richards making the crowd move, and throing Vordel from the apron to the third, or fourth row of seats sending roughly 25 chairs to the ground.

Winners of the night
Joey Spector
Chance Wyndam
Scott Murdoch & Viktor Tadlok
Don Juan
Jeremy Young
Davey Richards
Christie Sommers
Andy Dalton
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