CMLL/LA Dojo strike deal Visas approved for CMLL Luchadores

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CMLL/LA Dojo strike deal Visas approved for CMLL Luchadores

Postby CheMateo » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:16 pm

Since a few of us have discussed the possibilities and interest in seeing Luchadores in PWG, I thought it would be of interest to post this thread from scu that was posted about a week ago.

Courtesy of Eric Marshall:
CMLL united with the L.A. Dojo for the past year.Los Angeles Dojo representatives have been meeting with CMLL officials to obtain working visas for CMLL luchadores.
Last week the visas have been approved.This means that the L.A. Dojo will be incharge of the wrestlers bookings all over the United States.

The visas have been approved for;
Blue Panther
Dos Caras Jr
Heavy Metal
La Mascara
Negro Casas
Rey Bucanero
Sangre Azteca
Tarzan Boy
Texano Jr
Ultimo Guerrero
Volador Jr

Any promoter in the United States interested in booking any of the CMLL
talent can contact the L.A. Dojo @ (323) 526 4600

I guess this does increase the chance that a luchador could be booked in PWG or any of these big names could be booked more frequently out here than they already are through Lucha Va Voom or FMLL.

Mistico does have drawing power, would this deal actually prevent him from no showing? I'd like to see Dos Caras Jr. I'm still a fan of Atlantis and Negro Casas so it would be cool to see them as well.
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