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For the first time ever BIW steps away from there comfort zone which is the West Monroe Sports Complex.

December 16th, 2007 BIW's BIGGEST show of the year will be at WEST RIDGE Miiddle school.

Doors open at 2 : 15

Show starts at 3 : 00

Tickets on sale now at Clints Comics in Monroe & Coldwell Banker Group one in West Monroe.

10 For children

14 for Adults

18 for all ages at the door so get your tickets in advance.

This event will be amazing.

Opening Bout
Chance Wyndam W Foxy Roxy Versus Veronica Ludart's Boyfriend

- Chance Wyndam got his first victory last show with the help of his new valet Foxy Roxy, but his old valet wasn't doing much celebrating for him. An angry Veronica Ludart has promised her boyfriend will be at the show on the 16th to get revenge on Wyndam & Roxy. With her gorgeous look this could be anybody showing up from anywhere in the South. Men do crazy things for Women like Veronica.

Four way survival Match
Sean Cordova Versus Michael Faith Versus Joey Spector Versus Braydin Payge

- Three of these four men met last month in a triple threat match, but this time were adding in a HUGE factor by the name of Michael Faith. Michael is making his return to BIW, and plans to continue right where he left off last time he was here in May. The other three men in this match are very familair with each other, but will have to be very focused in this four way because the FIRST pinfall wins.

Tables Match
Scott Murdoch & Viktor Tadlok W Kyle Lewis Versus ???????????

- Murdoch & Tadlok challenged anybody from anywhere to a table match in December after security stopped them from putting Bomb Loco through a table at the last show. We have received word a team has accepted, but would like to play mind games with the powerful team instead of letting there name out there.

Bayou Brawl
Former WWE superstar Jon Heidenreich Versus Steve Anthony

- This feud has been going since July, and it's finally ready to come to a conclusion. Anthony got the match of his choice back in September, but now it's time for Heidenreich to get his match of choice. This New Orleans native chose a bayou brawl, and Steve Anthony also being from South Louisiana knows what this is all about. Expect a fight, not a wrestling match.

Davey Richards Versus "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

- The co main event of the night put's Davey Richards, and his impressive BIW record up against the current TNA X Division champion Jay Lethal in what could be the match of the night. People from Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Louisiana are making plans to take the trip up to West Monroe for this huge match up.

"The Smashing Machine" Ikaika Versus "The Fire" Jeremy Young

- Jeremy Young was named Number one contender at Who's the man, and even defended that contendership [in a shady manner] to earn this title shot against the Champion. These two met in May with Jeremy getting the victory, but this time Ikaika is the champion, and doesn't want to lose it on his first title defense. Look for this to be a pure wrestling match until somebody makes a mistake, and then the fireworks will go off.

Nick Harrison of the Inner Circle has also vowed to be at Pinnacle even though Andy Dalton will not be in the building. There is no telling how the crowd will react when Harrison, the ultimate traitor shows his face. Was it the fame ? The money ? The oppurtunity ? What made Nick do what he did at the end of Who's the man. Hopefully we find out at Pinnacle.

Pre show autograph signing with wrestling Legend Danny Hodge. Hodge will also be doing his apple crush demonstration right after intermission.
John Saxon with the Irresistible Danielle
Don Juan
Texas Red
WWE Great Doink the Clown
Court Caution
Veronica Ludart
Foxy Roxy
And lot's more as BIW pulls out all the stops for this supershow.

If you have ever been to a BIW show this is the one you don't want to miss.

If you haven't ever been to a BIW show this is a good starting point for you to come check us out. Come see what were capable of.

This show will be great from top to bottom. So bring the family, and come join the entertainment which has North Louisiana talking. Concessions & Merchandise will be sold.

For more information about tickets, sponsors, or the line up you can contact Josh Newell at 318 355 1301, or at

The first BIW show of 2008 is scheduled for February 17th back at the West Monroe Sports Complex. Andy Dalton will make his return & The Southern Title will be on the line in the main event of the evening.
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