ROH Rising Above(5th PPV) 12/29 results

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ROH Rising Above(5th PPV) 12/29 results

Postby steenerico » Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:14 am


~Start time is pushed back to 7:45 due to people still arriving and filing in.

~Tammy Sytch is said to be looking amazing. Daniel Puder is in the balcony wearing a suit chatting with ROH officials.

~Bobby Cruise announces that ROH wants a "family friendly PPV". The crowd chants **** at this!

~Sytch is out to watch the opener. She says hello to everyone and says she wants to see some good women's wrestling.

1) Daizee Haze defeats Dara Del Ray & Lacey with a Mind Trip in eight minutes. Decent SHIMMER action.

~After the match Lacey goes on a rant about Sunny having to have a fake body to be on TV. Sunny slaps her and Haze gives Lacey the Heart Punch.

~Dave Prazak introduced guest timekeeper Bushwhacker Luke Williams to open the PPV. Luke got a huge ovation, right down to the crowd doing the Bushwacker march. Adam Pearce and Brent Albright jump him and lay him out. Pearce calls out Delirious to face Albright one on one. Delirious accepts, and is sporting new red attire.

2) Delirious defeats Brent Albright with a roll up in five minutes.

~The Hangm3n jump Delirious after the match. Steen and Generico follow them out. The Age of the Fall hit the ring. Jimmy begins cutting a promo but it interrupted by the Vulture Squad. The tag scramble is on!

3) Kevin Steen & El Generico defeat The Age of the Fall, The Vulture Squad, and The Hangm3n with a Package Piledriver/Brainbuster combo. Awesome scramble.

4) Davey Richards defeats Erick Stevens via submission with the Kimura after Daniel Puder distracts Stevens.

~Larry Sweeney comes out and introduces himself to Puder. Really kisses Puder's ass, talking him up. Claudio runs out and chases Sweeney. SNS Inc. hit the ring but Claudio beats up Toland and Bobby Dempsey. Hero is out, and the Hero/Claudio showdown is on.

5) Claudio Castagnoli defeats Chris Hero with a Ricola Bomb. As per the stipulations, Larry Sweeney will now be forced to wrestle Claudio tomorrow night at Final Battle.

6) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats Austin Aries to retain. Early on Nigel took a dive from Aries and slashed his face on the guardrail. Nigel was acting very heelish towards the crowd. Nigel hits the Jawbreaker Lariat for the win. ****1/2-****3/4 MOTYC.

~Aries refused to shake his hand after the match.


7) Four Way Fray: Jigsaw vs. Necro Butcher vs. Matt Cross vs. Mitch Franklin.

~Mitch Franklin eliminated by Necro Butcher after getting punched in the face.
~Matt Cross eliminated after a roll up by Jigsaw.
~Jigsaw eliminated by Necro Butcher with a Tiger Driver.

8) Bryan Danielson defeats Takeshi Morishima in a relaxed rules match when Morishima went totally insane and began stomping on Dragon's nuts (as Danielson did to him at Glory By Honor). Referee also took a backdrop driver. After the match Danielson got the ring hammer and tried to take Morishima's eye!

9) ROH World Tag Team Championships - Two Out Of Three Falls.: Jay & Mark Briscoe defeat Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero 2-1 to retain. NRC took fall 1 with a Gibson Driver, ending the Briscoes streak of 8 straight falls in 2 out of 3 falls matches. Briscoes tie it with a roll up, and win with a Jay Driller.

10) Naomichi Marufuji defeats Claudio Castagnoli with a superkick.

~After the match, SNS Inc. attack Claudio. Daniel Puder comes back out and locks Claudio in a leg lock. Erick Stevens tries to make the save, but the NRC attack him. The Vulture Squad makes the save for everyone.
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