WSU returns 3/8 with Kong, Dawn Marie, & more!

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WSU returns 3/8 with Kong, Dawn Marie, & more!

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Please note there has been a time change to accomodate all the night shows happening in NJ that night. The show will now start 3 pm with the second show starting around 5 pm. Also, the DOI is running a special on the tickets at the moment.

"WSU Returns With Our First Anniversary Show on 3/8 With Tons of Top TV Names!
WSU will hold their next event on 3/8 at the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. The location of the venue is:
87-A North Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

As always, WSU will hold two tapings, which will be filmed for future DVD release. The first show will take place at 5:45PM and the second show will take place at 8PM. In between the two shows there will be a 30-45 minute meet/greet session where fans can meet all of their favorite WSU stars. During this time fans can get purchase autographs and get photos taken with all of the WSU roster.

WSU will have a full press release later on this week, with a full color poster, but for now, here is what you will see on 3/8:

Making her return to professional wrestling, DAWN MARIE!
- Dawn Marie, the former WWE/ECW diva, will debut for WSU on 3/8. Dawn Marie won't reveal her plans yet, but has stated that she is scouting everyone on the WSU roster and will make her move on 3/8! Could Tammy "Sunny" Sytch be someone on Dawn's hit-list? Or perhaps Dawn is here to rid the evil out of WSU? We'll find out what Dawn has planned on 3/8 as WSU becomes the first promotion to bring Dawn to a pro wrestling event in 2008!

TNA Knockout Champion, "The Awesome Kong" Makes Her WSU Debut
- It only gets bigger and better in WSU as WSU is proud to announce the debut of Awesome Kong, the current reigning & defending TNA Knockout champion, for WSU's first anniversary show. Kong will be wrestling in two separate matches during WSU's double DVD tapings. One person who has demanded a match with Kong is The Queen of Mean & Obscene, "Pryme-Tyme" Amy Lee. However, will Amy be even able to make such a match, as Amy will be in a full fledged war that night with tag partner Missy Sampson against Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini. Regardless, lots of WSU wrestlers are looking to make their name known against Awesome Kong, and perhaps Kong, known for being the hunter, is the hunted!

Nikki Roxx Wants A Title Shot, Challenges Cindy Rogers For 3/8

Nikki Roxx, who has competed for the WSU title several times, coming up short on several occasions , sees new WSU Champion Tammy "Sunny" Sytch as someone she can beat. Roxx has stated that she should be given a title shot, based on a past win over co-number 1 contender Alexa Thatcher. However, at "The World is Not Enough", Roxx was defeated by the other co-number 1 contender, Cindy Rogers. Therefore, Roxx is looking to seek revenge and has challenged Cindy Rogers to a match on 3/8. While Cindy's co-number 1 contender status won't be on the line, it will be a chance for Roxx to claim wins over both number 1 contenders in WSU. However, Rogers has beaten Roxx before and is excited at the chance of having her game elevated once again. Alexa Thatcher vs Becky Bayless Is Set!

- Former WSU Womens Champion, Alexa Thatcher, finally cashed in on her rematch clause, which she earned back in August of 2007, during the "Alicia Retirement Show". Already earning another title shot, due to her three consecutive draws with Cindy Rogers, Alexa wanted to cash her first title match contract, and wanted to send home the evil & retiring Alicia without the WSU championship.

After Alicia's reign of terror in WSU, it looked like Alexa would be able to stop Alicia again, just like Alexa did in August. However, the wrestling world was shocked & stunned when Alicia's arch-rival BECKY BAYLESS, interfered during the match, destroying a steel chair over Alexa's head. Becky not only humiliated and caused injury on Alexa, Becky cost Alexa a chance to become WSU champion for the second time.

We would find out at the "Alicia Retirement Show" that Becky & Alicia, who we thought were enemies for life, were pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, claiming that they used WSU and WSU fans to advance their own personal careers & agendas. In a sickening display, Alicia even tried handing over the WSU title to Becky, a belt that has been fought for by some of the biggest names in the female wrestling business.

Alexa was fuming about the situation, and while she let Alicia have her moment of glory since she was leaving for good, Alexa will not forget about Becky Bayless. Alexa has demanded a match with Becky Bayless and WSU is proud to announce that the first ever Becky Bayless vs Alexa Thatcher match takes place on 3/8! Expect Alexa to come out like a ball of fire in this one, as Becky is still bragging about costing Alexa the WSU Championship.

Amy Lee & Missy Sampson vs Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez Set for 3/8
- The war between Amy Lee & Angel Orsini/Mercedes Martinez went to the next level on 12/22. With Angel & Mercedes beating the hell out of Amy, Amy debuted her newest partner, former wrestler turned ref now wrestler again, Missy Sampson! Missy laid out both Angel & Mercedes and declared war, as Amy & Missy plan on beating the holy hell out of Angel & Mercedes on 3/8!

For Mercedes Martinez, this will be perhaps her first "real" match in WSU, after making short work of Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton on 12/22. The Latina Sensation has one goal in WSU and that is to win championship gold. While others have been fighting valiantly for the top prize in WSU, Mercedes has been waiting in the wings, and plans on getting a huge tag team win to climb the ladder, along with best friend & tag partner, Angel Orsini. However, Amy & Missy will be like two bats coming out of hell for this one. This match is not for the children.

TNA Knockout Angel Williams/Angelina Love Comes to WSU, Annie Social First Opponent

Angelina Love comes from your TV screen to WSU on 3/8, and her first opponent will be none other than Philadelphia's own, Annie Social. Angelina's mission in WSU isn't known yet, but Annie Social, looking to rebound after being injured on 12/22, looks at this match as a perfect opportunity to step right back into the limelight. We'll have full details about this match in a future press release!

Also appearing: Foxxy Foxxy, Roxxie Cotton, "The Soul Sister" Jana, The WSU Commentating Team of "The First Lady of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt & Sean Hanson, Destiny & Much Much More!

All this & much more will take place on 3/8! Stay tuned to a future WSU press release for more information!

Check out for all the latest news, plus check out to order all the latest WSU DVD Releases!"

Also just released are the two latest tapings from 12/22 featuring the Last Woman Standing match between Becky and Alicia, and the Alicia Retirement show where Tammy becomes WSU Champion.
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