PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

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PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby HRW news » Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:56 am

Straight from the office of Mr. R.J. Lee, the new owner of High Risk Wrestling ...

Hello Southern California wrestling fans! I would like to formally welcome all of you to the return show of High Risk Wrestling. This time around we are running a show outside of the hi-desert, which already makes us a better product because we are now hick-free. We also aren't going to be booking sucky wrestlers anymore (Your opinion may be different)! Now, there has been plenty of talk (actually, there has been no talk) about HRW. What happened to the company? After such a successful show like Highway 2 Hell in August 2007, why did the company close its doors? Well, it's quite simple. A couple of the old promoters who put all of their money into the shows got "famous" and decided to move on to bigger and better things like their tag team caree... I mean, their college educations. Those guys would just put the belts on themselves anyway. Soon after the Highway 2 Hell show, I, along with a few other business partners saw the potential HRW had, and decided to re-open its doors with myself having complete control over the company. We realize that investing in something like professional wrestling is not always a wise choice. Let's be honest. I could probably make more money selling WWE action figures on Ebay. However, Southern California is in dire need of another independent wrestling group (not really).

How is HRW going to be any different than the twenty-seven other companies in Southern California? Good question. You'll probably see the same familiar faces that you see at all of the other SoCal shows. You'll be susceptible to the infamous indy-riffic late start time. And there will be one or two no-shows on each show. (I really hope to be kidding about the last two.

Anywho, back to the question at hand. HRW is going to be a championship belt-less company. You read right. We don't have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on custom titles and we would rather not buy replica belts and then put stickers over where it reads "World Champion Batista." Instead, we will make the proposal to all of the companies in Southern California to come defend their own titles on our show. We welcome PWG, AWS, EWF, SoCal PRO, WPW, Mach-1, NWA and any other companies that I may have forgotten (except for XZW and HDCW) to come represent their company and belt(s) on our show(s)! Please notice the "(s)" after the word "show" in the last sentence, as low ticket sales could very well make this either our comeback show or our final one. (Again, I hope I am only kidding.) These possible title matches may or may not take place. It is all based on the companies volunteered involvement.
However, championship matches or not, HRW promises to put on at least ***3/4 star matches every time!

Anyway, here is the information and card for the show.....

__________________________________________________ ____________________

High Risk Wrestling presents.... Resurrection: "If We Sell Enough Tickets!"

Singles Match
LTP vs Johnny Goodtime

LTP is one of the original HRW guys who wrestled the very first show almost four years ago in Victorville. He is one of the only stand-outs that came out of the terrible High Risk Wrestling School that failed worse than a Jeff Hardy drug test. Johnny Goodtime who I swear had a twin named Rockin' Randy Rocket, has been stealing shows lately in San Diego for the SoCal Pro promotion. His tribute to Nintendo that he has been sporting has earned him popularity with the loyal fans of the area. LTP told me that he was always more of a Sega type of guy and feels that the Dreamcast console was tremendously underrated. This could very well be the real life showdown between Sonic and Mario.

Interracial/Intergender Match
Sonny Samson vs Candice LeRae

Believe it or not, Sonny did not only request this match.. he demanded it! He AIM'd me last night and wrote "I demand you put me in a match against Candice LeRae." I did not respond to his message although I was clearly signed online. Sonny doesn't even know he is booked and will not know until he reads this on the internet. (This is actually a common booking strategy used by some promoters that I thought I'd try.) I'm also banking on Sonny being cool working for close to nothing, which is standard indy pay. Candice LeRae who has become the most popular female wrestler in SoCal and is fresh off of a huge match at PWG's All Star Weekend 7 was more then up to the challenge. She has been using a devastating new move against her male competitors that has been dubbed the "Balls-Plex." However, Sonny Samson has made it public for years now that he suffered elephantitis at a young age which might make this new signature move of Candice's a difficult task.
Will the smaller, woman wrestler come up with a huge upset? Or will Sonny's over-sized testicles bounce right over SoCal's most promising female wrestler?

Singles Match
Lil Cholo vs Marcus Riot

At HRW's Highway 2 Hell event, Marcus Riot and Lil Cholo absolutely tore down the house. Marcus Riot must now regret assisting in the tearing down of a house as he now has no where to go. We haven't seen much of Marcus Riot in SoCal lately except for a long title run for Epic Pro Wrestling War and a common cameo on that very feds internet show. Lil Cholo who is fresh off of a successful match at the huge Dragon Gate LA show is more then ready for this match. Lil Cholo is nicknamed by the boys as being SoCal's "Work Horse" as he is known for sometimes wrestling four times a weekend! Cholo commented by saying "That's right Marcus. Four PRO WRESTLING shows a weekend. Not four BACKYARD shows.
" OMG!

Tag Team Match
The Ballard Brothers (Shannon and Shane Ballard) vs The Dynasty (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost)

Oh no! What am I thinking?! Two antagonist teams facing each other? This might be taboo to do, but the real reason I am booking this match is, I was watching PWG's "44 Ways To Kill You With A Pimento " on DVD the other night and these two teams had a killer match on that show. Curing my nostalgic hunger is not the only purpose this match will serve. It is featuring four of the greatest wrestlers to ever come out of Southern California. Period. The legendary Canadian twin brothers who were named, Shannon and Shane, at birth have perfected their craft all over the world. They have held championships in practically every company they've worked for. Currently they hold the AWS tag team titles after defeating the Cutler Brothers a few months back. And then there is Scott Lost who is considered by many as being the best wrestler in the state. After years of success in SoCal, your card is not complete without him. And finally there is Mr. SoCal himself, Joey Ryan. He is the longest reigning PWG Champion of all time and had much success holding the NWA Tag Team Championship belts with his partner Karl Anderson (who makes it clear that he makes more money than everyone on the card). Not to mention, Scott and Joey together have held the PWG Tag Team belts on numerous occasions.
Which team will bend the rules more to become victorious? Will Scott Lost hit that gorgeous super-man spear in the corner? Will the Ballards rock those hockey jerseys that they dropped years ago? All of these questions, plus more will be answered on October 25th!

Singles Match
CK Jackson vs Brandon Bonham

CK Jackson who is the youngest brother of Matt and Nick Jackson is eager to make a name for himself in Southern California as a professional wrestler. Nicknamed the "Michelle Tanner" of the Jacksons by older brother Matt for being the youngest of the three, CK feels like he still has a lot to prove in order to step out of the shadow of his two older brothers. He is well on his way to accomplish that feat with the big wins he's been scoring at AWS as of late. Brandon Bonham (who CK Jackson incorrectly pronounced Brandon "Bone-ham" on several occasions during a recent telephone conversation) is still called "The New Guy" both in the locker room and by the fans. He is also in a similar situation as CK, he has shown a ton of potential in his few PWG outings and has caused a bit of a wave up north for promotions like Fog City Wrestling and All Pro Wrestling, but still feels like he has much to prove. Both competitors styles are similar in excitement, so there is no reason that this match wouldn't end up being a MOTNC.
Or maybe even a FMOTNC (Fifth Match Of The Show Candidate)?

PWG Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs The Cutler Brothers (Dustin and Brandon Cutler)

That's right! The Young Bucks first PWG Tag Team Championship title defense will take place at the HRW return show! I talked to a couple of the members from the "PWG Six" and got permission to feature this match as our main event. Matt and Nick Jackson have been tearing it up all year long. They've had successful tours in Japan for the Dragon Gate promotion, picked up huge wins including their recent victory over Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs at PWG's All Star Weekend 7, introduced their new YouTube show "YBTV" and even had lunch with the Jonas Brothers a few weeks back.

Dustin and Brandon finally decided to trade in their flip-flops and board shorts for wrestling boots and flex bands earlier this year. Since then, they've been wrestling all over SoCal impressing fans and promoters every night. Both of the Cutlers are extremely interested in getting spots on the PWG roster. Not only do they now have the opportunity to do so, but they can instantly jump start themselves as THE featured tag team in the company! The Young Bucks need to be careful as it would be a little embarrassing if they lost their belts before they even had a chance to defend them on a PWG show.
Which set of brothers are going to want it worse? We will find out at HRW's "Resurrection: "If We Sell Enough Tickets!"

All of this plus the possibility of one more match. I'm going to play it by ear.

Upland Sports Arena
1721 W 11th St
Upland, CA 91786

Saturday, October 25th
Bell time: 8:00 pm

Admission: Adults $12 Children $10

Card and show is subject to being indy.
HRW news
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby HeyItsThatGuy » Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:42 am

This looks like a really good show. I would really like to see 4 of those matches for sure, sure hope you sell enough tickets, and who doesn't love the mystery of a possible other match?
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby TigerDriver98 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:15 am

Quick thoughts on everything:

- LTP Vs. Goodtime sounds great. Goodtime has been entertaining lately with the whole video game deal, and I'm a huge fan of LTP. I think this would be a good match for PWG to book sometime in the future. I still wonder why PWG is sleeping on booking LTP. Especially now with a lot of the regulars going down to injuries.

- Cholo and Markus could be one of the better matches on the show. I have always thought that they had good chemistry together.

- I'm not a huge fan of Sampson, but him vs. Candice (who has been fantastic in these intergender matches) sounds like it could be quite entertaining. I think this is a good use of both of them.

- Ballards Vs. Joey/Scott has always been a good match, including the aforementioned "44-Ways to kill you with a pimento" match. I'm looking forward to seeing how it will turn out four and a half years later.

- I haven't seen a lot of CK Jackson (just an EPIC WAR 6-man, and a couple of AWS matches) but I think he has potential. Of course, Brandon Bonham has been very impressive in his PWG appearances. Not entirely sure what to make of this one, but it could be a good little match.

- Bucks vs. Cutlers should be fun as usual. Sad, but true fact: If the Bucks successfully defend the titles here, they would have more successful PWG tag title defenses than NINE of the previous title holders. Nine! That is crazy.

So yeah... I really like the card. Hopefully this does well so they can run more shows in the future. I will definitely try to make it out on Oct. 25th.
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby GravityMan » Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:35 am

I live fifteen minute from the Upland Sports Arena, so I will definitely try to go
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby HRW news » Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:23 pm

Unfortunately Brandon Bonham cant make it to the show on October 25th, how ever we found a suitable replacement for CK to wrestle and that will be the returning Ronin!

Here's the card

PWG Tag Titles on the line

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs The Cutler Brothers ( Brandon & Dustin Cutler)

The Dynasty(Joey Ryan & Scott Lost) vs The Ballard Brothers(Shane & Shannon Ballard)

Ronin vs CK Jackson

"Sexy" Sonny Samson vs Candice Lerae

Lil Cholo vs Marcus Riot

Johnny Goodtime vs LTP

the show is in 2 weeks hope to see you there!!!
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby GravityMan » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:55 am

So, is anyone gonna go tonight?
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby LunchBoX » Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:13 pm

Where HAS Ronin been?
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby atox » Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:32 pm

he had some nagging injuries that he let heal.
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby GravityMan » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:24 pm

HRW Results:

-There was about a hundred people in the gym from my count

CK Jackson beat Ronin with a SSP. After the match Ronin beat up CK which drew boos from the fans (And Dino), but Scorpio was cheering.

Johnny Goodtime beat LTP by using his Dance Dance Revolution skills to set up a roll-up for the win. LTP and Johnny became BFF's at the beginning of the match, which held up at the end when they celebrated Johnny's win together.

The Dynasty def. Shane Ballard(I think that was him, I wasn't paying attention) and Aaron Aguilera Ballard after Scott leveled Shane(?) with a kick to the back of the head. Shane said that his brother wasn't there (to which I responded to him by saying he was probably deported back to Canada) Shane distracted Joey and Scott long enough for Aaron to come into the ring and attack them from behind. This guy I was sitting next to was asking Aaron why he stabbed John Cena, which I got a chuckle out of.

Lil Cholo defeated Marcus Riot after a lariat. Marcus dove out of the ring onto Cholo, who must have caught him wrong as he was holding his arm the whole match. Cholo kept on rolling out of the ring to try to fight the pain. Cholo hit a quick offense on Marcus before hitting the lariat.

Intermission happened to which I watched The Phillies beating the Rays before I went outside to grab a smoke. I came back into the building to see someone who wasn't Sonny Samson in the ring waiting for his match with Candice Lerae

Candice Lerae defeated ????? Watts with a roll-up after the ref pushed Watts to the mat. Someone who went to the show may know who this Watts guy is because I sure don't. This match was like Candice's match with Human Tornado but instead of Candice being bitch-slapped, she was tossed around like a ragdoll and shook just as much. Candice (who had black/brown hair) hit a good amount of moves before rolling him up for the win. Candice with dark hair > Candice with blond hair IMO.

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) defeated The Cutler Brothers ( Brandon & Dustin Cutler) after Nick hit a clean 630 on Dustin (I believe it was Dustin) while Matt powerbombed Brandon into a bunch of chairs. The Cutlers got a good amount of cheers until Nick and Jack blew them away. Matt mentioned to the crowd how he was on Smackdown! while The Cutlers mentioned how he got murdered by Big Show. I love seeing these two teams wrestle against each other as each time IMO they always one up their previous encounter. Matt took the brunt of the Cutler's attacks until Nick managed to get into the ring. After that all hell broke loose as Rick Knox couldn't keep control.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good show and hope that HRW does some more shows in the future, especially if they are all at The Upland Sports Arena since I won't have to drive a half to an hour just to see a wrestling show.
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Re: PWG Tag Titles defended on another show!!

Postby TigerDriver98 » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:33 pm

GravityMan wrote:Candice Lerae defeated ????? Watts with a roll-up after the ref pushed Watts to the mat. Someone who went to the show may know who this Watts guy is because I sure don't.

That would be Jason (formerly Eric) Watts. The 2007 SoCalUncensored Rookie of the year.

Anyway, this show sounded like a lot of fun, I'm upset that I had to miss it. Hopefully they run again...
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