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Re: RVD in TNA

Postby jacob_burman » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:32 pm

OSKMIA wrote:
jacob_burman wrote:Suicide=Kaz. Anyways, really, cause all I see on TV is the new guys taking over with only a few chosen old time TNA guys on TV. The Guns, were are they? They JUST started using Jay, but where has he been? Homicide has been MIA since Jeff Hardy attacked him and out of the blue, comes out to check on his old tag team partner. They cut ties with Christopher Daniels. Samoa Joe went from bad ass, to a face, to a title contender, to disappearing, only to come back with the same gimmick of taken names and not saying anything (remember the MEM beat down that Joe got. SAME THING). You sign the Bucks and you do what with them? Nothing.

Never said Madison doesn't deserve because she damn well does, though they put on build towards her as can you name me ONE singles match she has ever won? Doubtful. Look at the Knockouts a year, year and a half ago. It was HOT. Even after Gail left it was still big. But Kong is gone because you'd rather have a buddy of Hogan's. Cheerleader Melissa is gone. Where is Taylor Wilde? Hamada? The girl that tagged with Taylor? ODB is out there jobbing. What do you have now? Maybe 6-8 women in the division and half of them are either hurt or cannot wrestle. Congrats, that was an epic fail.

The Guns just had an awesome Ultimate X match with Generation Me for the numer contender spot. And I really don't expect Generation Me to get a push anytime soon, but they're getting there. Homicide, well I definitely do agree with you on that part, LAX should have never been split up in the first place. They really didn't have anything for him to do, I thought for sure he was going to be released, but he's back now which makes me happy. I'm still trippin about the whole Chris Daniels thing, did he ask for his release or did TNA just let him go?

I'd rather have Hogan's buddy in TNA?... FUUUUCK NOOOO! Besides Kong asked for her release, and is still good friends with TNA. Bubba just killed it. Cheerleader Melissa... again asked for her release. People just think TNA fired them... wrong! Taylor Wilde is a tag team wrestler right now and her partner, Sarita, is finishing up a tour in Japan, so just wait until she returns I'm sure they will be used. Yes half of them are hurt, but that doesn't make the Knockout Division a joke. If anything it shows they work their asses off. So epic fail? I don't think so, do your homework son.

Yes, and where have the Guns or GenMe done since then? When was the last time genMe was on TV? When was the last time the Guns were on TV? And TNA let Daniels go.

Again, the REASON why they asked for their release...TNA wasn't using them or the pay wasn't right. Tara is now out the door because TNA REFUSES to pay these girls the amount they deserve. Taylor has been writing on twitter and myspace how TNA continues to not use them on TV and how annoying it is not being able to do anything. And yes, epic fail on TNA. I did my homework, how about you?
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Re: RVD in TNA

Postby The Six » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:19 am

Anyone who has a problem with RVD getting the belt so soon.....Low Ki.
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Re: RVD in TNA

Postby ESPINOZA316 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:50 am

As far as Daniels getting released, im actually glad he's gone cause all he is is a mid carder who in his head thought was a main eventer. Tara by what ive read was causing turmoil amongst the knockouts backstage. I do agree that TNA is dropping the ball by not showcasing Generation Me and MCMG more but overall i think they have improved there product since the opening days that the Hogan/Bischoff era began.It's not like that there's anything else to watch on monday nights.
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