Excalbur's comments re: viruses, and wrestling fans' hygiene

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Excalbur's comments re: viruses, and wrestling fans' hygiene

Postby redboar » Thu May 03, 2012 11:22 am

Before I write anything here, I'm not bothering to post this on the Chicago pro wrestling boards because their members are mostly dicks and won't take it serious anyway. Here goes:

So I went to the Chikara/RoH double header which were both very good shows, even with the annoying and incessant RoH fans who constantly put themselves over. By Monday afternoon I am as sick as a dog. Body aches from head to toe, coughing, slight fever, whatever. I'm a contractor and have no health insurance yet, but I'm writing this Thursday and feel better even though I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis as a lingering effect.

Oddly enough, I tell this to my friend who's a regular attender of PWG shows and he tells me Excalibur's comments at the start of your last show about touching fans and getting sick. I don't recall touching anyone or shaking any hands at the Chicago shows yet the likelihood I got this illness there is pretty high, especially considering the timing. Besides eating lunch and dinner elsewhere, I wasn't at any other public place for a long time on Saturday.

After going to a few PWG shows live myself, back when I lived in AZ and could do the drive, and the other shows I've attended live over the years, I gotta say something after this nightmarish week of working (again, I'm a contractor, no sick days) and dealing with this: Is there something about wrestling that attracts the circus freaks and people with just plain bad hygiene? Smell bodies, smelly breath, you name it. I guess there's no real answer to this yet has anyone considered these bad habits, or lack of the right / normal habits may be a breeding ground for all sorts of fucking germs?!?

I'm not saying all fans are dirty or slovenly or obese. I'd say less than 50% of fans fit this description. Does it make sense that not only is good hygiene a sign of self-respect and good general health, but also a sign that you care about people around you?

I'd normally think this kind of post or statement is not necessary yet as the saying goes, common sense is not too common any longer.

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