Special SHIMMER issue of Suplex Monthly Magazine

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Special SHIMMER issue of Suplex Monthly Magazine

Postby JustJay » Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:46 am

I'm a writer for a wrestling magazine in the UK (despite being a red-blooded American - happy 4th of July everyone!) and I managed to pull together an extensive feature on SHIMMER for our newest issue. SHIMMER content in Issue 10 of The Suplex Monthly includes:

-A profile on Rebecca Knox
-A detailed review of SHIMMER Volume 3
-And finally, a lengthy interview with SHIMMER's own Ariel!

Here's the cover for the issue:


You can see that in addition to the SHIMMER content it features articles on Roderick Strong and Rob Van Dam. It is available NOW via http://www.thesuplex.com - delivery time to US customers varies since it's based in England.
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