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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - Totally 80s - Link, Sheik, Tool!

Postby DrKeith » Fri Jul 07, 2006 8:07 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap: Totally 80's Edition
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

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http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 6-2006.mp3
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The Missing Link Recap
Dewey Robertson says Dr. Keith is full of zest AND full or vigor, that's the kinda guy you are ~ YAY! He gives a brief introspective of his 22 years of pre-Missing Link career and tells a story about how he invented the Missing Link name ~ YAY! I like stories! More stories, and Link's drug of choice marijuana and the downward spiral stemming from years of smoking it - RVD take note. He says he drank fifteen bottles of beer, a whisky and two bottles of wine per night at his peak, with his wife leaving him also.
Dr. Keith asks about the territories and the subsequent traveling. Dewey says there were 38 territories back in the day, and you could always pick up the phone and change territory. He now travels doing motivational speaking. Missing Link puts over JJ Dillon's book about life after wrestling. Dewey talks about the deaths of wrestlers saying 88 wrestlers have died in the last 20 years. "They have been dying of abuse."
Keith talks about an INGROWING TOENAIL he had a few weeks back, but says it doesn't compare with Dewey's cancer. Dewey says his catchphrase is "don't give up on tomorrow," and talks about life after addictions saying we have a great life in America. He once wanted to die, but now is glad for waking up. Keith is surprised that Dewey remembers all the stories he told.
Did WWE fail with the Missing Link? Link doesn't blame WWE, but felt he made a bad choice. After 10 months he just walked out, another bad choice. He says life is all about choices, and most of his were bad. Dewey says the reason behind his book is to help people. Keith says he book is different from similar books as it's not preachy.
Dewey puts over the Amsterdam Hall of Fame - he's not inducted, but he's an ambassador for them. Talk moves onto the Cauliflower Alley club. Keith asks if he has any desire to continue wrestling? He does, but is concentrating on motivational speaking. Dewey says HE HAS A MISSING LINK TOUPEE!
Dewey says he's been off the drink for fifteen years, but marijuana was harder to give up. Dewey says he is not the Missing Link anymore, time to edit the recap. He's since shaved off his Missing Link beard, Keith says Dewey had a beautiful manfro in the seventies. Keith talks about his stash of adult videos ~ YAY! Dewey goes into the hardships of wrestling, the amount of times he moved and the lack of savings.
Dr. Keith asks if Link has any advice for today's wrestlers in the WWE due to the wellness programme? "If you want a job in the WWE, you do what the boss wants. You know what he wants don't you?" Dewey says he can only speak for himself, and refuses to shame any particular wrestler. He won't tell anyone what to do, but will only talk of his own experiences.
Keith reveals his age... 32 next month. "My God, I didn't realize I was speaking to such a young guy!" Keith didn't know that nudist parks were as good until he read the book. Dewey confirms he's no longer at a nudist colony. Checkout Dewey's official site at www.deweythemissinglink.ca, and support the Cauliflower Alley Club and Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame

Joey Eastman of Totally Tool Wrestling
Joey is HONOURED to be on the Dr. Keith Show. Totally Tool Wrestling has earned him enough money to buy a newspaper, can of soda AND half a pack of cigarettes. This year he hopes to buy a full pack of Marlboro Reds. Keith suggests Virginia Slims as there's nothing sexier than a man smoking such a slim cig. Joey says that's his new gimmick!
Saturday July 15, 2006 AD is the next Totally Tool card. Joey says the first year WAS A JOKE! 10 matches are booked which will be BOOM BOOM BOOM as he hates shows over 2 hours! Promoters that go 4 1/2 hours have BLOWN THEIR LOAD. Joey tells of a SHITTY WRESTLER in Chicago, 'a little fat kid' who Joey got to impersonate Teddy Hart as TUBBY Hart. Other characters include Chester Molester, and the Egyptian Magician. Keith says that Twinky the Kid can't wrestle for Totally Tool anymore, as he's not cupcake enough.
Joey says Finlay's midget, Little Bastard, was supposed to be in the first ever midget Ultimate X match but it's since been cancelled. Joey is also mad at year end polls for being biased to technical and good wrestling matches and should have voted for the First Man standing match between Ian Rotten vs. Ed Chuman instead of Joe-Kobashi.
Political talk and a rival wrestling shows. Joey says he doesn't pay people anyway, so the least they could do is show up. Keith asks about Warrant Winger and if Joey met up with him at the Cinderella/Poison concert 2 weeks ago? It's confirmed that Warrant Winger is actually Jerry Lynn! Justin Credible/PJ Polaco/urlldo Montoya/jockstrap talk comes next. Dr. Keith hopes he learns a valuable lesson from Trik Davis's After School Special(~!).
So where does Joey Eastman find an Egyptian Magician? Believe it or not: Egypt! And he's good at magic tricks, even using magic to PICK UP GIRLS. Joey confirms his love for Nicky Roxx, and asks Dr. Keith not to tell as she doesn't know it until she hears the show. Keith says she'll either confess her love or give her an Antonio Inoki style slap. So, it
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