Dr. Keith Show - Kong, Sweeney, Hamilton, no Barlow

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Dr. Keith Show - Kong, Sweeney, Hamilton, no Barlow

Postby DrKeith » Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:29 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

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Amazing Kong Recap

Dr. Keith begins by asking the sexy Kong if holding the prestigious Hustle super tag team titles is the pinnacle of her wrestling career? It's not the pinnacle yet, but it's the FUNNEST. Kong has "done some things" in her career. And how did she get into her wrestling career? She had a vending machine career afterall, but she wanted ADVENTURES. Keith iterates that vending machines are exciting though, they could transform into robots and conquer the citizens of Earth. Kong mentions a lunch time fight that one vending machine was involved in. A concerned Doctor asks if the vending machine got hurt at all? "No, no, no, no" thanks to it's chain guards. PHEW!

Kong says her brother applied for Tough Enough 2. Brother Kong got Sister Kong an application form with Jim Ross telling Sister she was too big to ever, "I repeat, EVER" be a professional wrestler. The words EVER stuck in Kong's head FOREVER. Kong then trained at the Inoki dojo, and then went onto work for All Japan Women. Kong is HAPPY she didn't get accepted for Tough Enough, she hasn't got fake boobs, been blinded, or clotheslined by JBL in order to get fake boobs. Kong says she wants to go "HA HA to Jim Ross ~ you go Kong!

Amazing Kong is working full time now in Japan and has worked for every women's promotion in Japan. Kong talks about being a CRYBABY after her matches when starting up. Dr. Keith puts over Amazing Kong vs. Nikki Roxx at a Shimmer event. Near USA chants in the Dr. Keith Show studios before GLOW and Hustle talk. Dr. Keith talks about the yellow and white polka dot dress of her Margaret character in Hustle. Kong says that Naoya Ogawa saw her backstage one day... Keith interrupts because he's rude like that... Is it hard to get backstage at Hustle? Keith's hopes are dashed; It's VERY HARD to get backstage. Kong then tells us the three rules of All Japan Women's Wrestling; no smoking, no drinking, and NO MEN! Keith calls Kong a violator of ALL THREE rules.

Amazing Kong puts over Aja Kong but was afraid of getting her ass kicked in a restaurant the first time they met. Back to vending machines, and Dr. Keith is impressed with Japanese vending machines. Kong is to. Keith asks if being associated with Hustle harms Kong in other joshi promotions as being a "fake, bullshit" wrestler. Kong disagrees. Onto the dress; Amazing liked the drawing, but when she saw the dress, it was too big. "It was like Little Bo Peep, without the sheep." More Margaret talk, with Keith asking about any Hustle after-shows Monster parties. Margaret hasn't been to any, but Amazing once attended a "damn good Monster party," although few details are released.

Dr. Keith compares Stone Cold reviving WWE's fortunes to Margaret and Hustle. Kong tells of numerous people in the street, including OLD MEN, moving their pelvic regions to the tune of 3-2-1-Hustle-Hustle-Hustle! Dr. Keith can relate, telling of his friend Andy's wedding last weekend, complete with Razor Ramon Hard Gay talk and old Japanese men doing the pelvic thrust. Fantastic interview! Checkout Kong's Myspace and become Kong's friend!

The Sinking Ship Author Ian Hamilton Recap

Accent time ~ YAY! The interview begins with Dr. Keith threatening to break out the Benny Hill music and slapping Ian's head. Ian has fond memories of Summerslam '92 (awww - Nailz vs. Virgil). Ian confirms he's a WWE stockholder, thus Keith says this validates his views. Ian talks about the concepts of the book, the disappearing WWE audience, and where they are going... WHERE?

Keith asks about the UK audience. Ian says that the houseshows are now harder to sell, with more tours, and too much programming. What about nice British accents in the UK WWE broadcasts? Sadly not, although the Brits get a bald guy, but he looks more like Maven then the bald guy from Benny Hill ~ BOO! Dr. Keith and Ian discuss what WWE could've done with the characters of Heidenreich and Simon Dean. Ian asks "Who'd get to bugger Michael Cole though?" WHO?! Keith talks about "Extreme three-way dances." Ian confirms his love for England's worst football team Sunderland AFC ~ YAY ~ not Nottingham Forest!

Ian talks about WWE not editing the Smackdown show with the terrorism angle after the 7/7 bombing. Onto fun and the new ECW, with plenty of ideas for a new book for Ian. Dr. Keith talks about Ian's SADNESS over the break-up of the Spirit Squad, saying Britain gave America the Beatles, and America gave back the Spirit Squad ~ YAY! Keith asks what WWE superstar Ian would like to read his book? Ian would like Great Khali or the Zombie. For a good time, checkout sinkingshipbook.co.uk

"Sweet and Sour" Larry Sweeney Recap

Larry begins by correcting Dr. Keith; he is no longer a fifteen time ICW/ICA Television time, but an EIGHTEEN TIME. Larry says that Television champions were hot in 1993 with a belt that can only be defended on television. But with podcasts and youtube, a title can now be defended at anytime. Dr. Keith says he could also be a Radio champion.

Keith asks what advice Larry received from Col. DeBeers and Playboy Buddy Rose. Larry talks about Colonel talking about grabbing Kerry Von Erich's leg. Keith asks about Larry's tanning secret. Larry suggests falling asleep in the sun all day long.

Ronnie Garvin talk. Larry learnt how to successfully defend his Television title through watching Garvin, what, with his sunset flips and him "chopping the shit" out of Greg Valentine. Dr. Keith suggests the Greg Valentine shinguard to Larry or a Ronnie Garvin crewcut? Larry can't see him having a Ronnie Garvin crewcut anytime soon ~ BOO!

Iron Sheik talk ~ YAY! Larry says that that faggot, B. Brian Blair is friends with Buddy Rose, and that he was asked by B. Brian Blair to challenge Shieky Baby to an armwrestling match to HUMBLE the old man at the recent Totally Tool show. Apparently Sheiky baby burned off part of his moustache smoking crack a few days before the show ~ YAY! Larry says that Sheik PUT HIM IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH. And the intense pain that came from it, THE PAIN! Keith asks if Sheiky attempted to suplex him or FUCK HIS ASS? "Not literally" ~ BOO! But did he hug or kiss Shieky after the match? Larry says he hugged him, but not kissed. In return, Sheik said "No problem Larry Sweedish, you're a professional." Checkout youtube.com/watch?v=-SUNkqNKQv0 for video of Totally Tool Wrestling Volume III (due anyday now from SmartMarkVideo)

Onto Bobby Heenan with Larry putting over the commentary, and Keith putting over the WEASEL SUIT. Keith demands to see title vs. weasel suit matches for the future. Larry then plugs his new Don't Mess with Texarkana: The Best of Larry Sweeney DVD available on MySpace. Future ambitions? Larry talks about breaking up with his last girlfriend, and wants to let both Dr. Keith's female listeners know that he's single. He also wants to break the PWI500, and a Steel Cage match, AND wrestle Koko B. Ware ~ YAY! Checkout www.myspace.com/larrysweeney and become virtual friends!

*** *** ***

Music by: The Ponys, GIRL TALK~!, TV on the Radio, Buzzcocks, None More Black, Black Heart Procession, Idlewild

Plus: Where has our Barlow gone as co-host Bill Barlow goes "lost in Berwyn" over the Mark Henry injury, and leaves Phone Calls showing his mental state (aka Gauntlet AND Blueberry Newtons are mentioned). Dr. Keith and F4WOnline's Big Audio Nightmare's own Mike Sempervive discuss Hustle with the return of the Hustlelations! Here's an example of a fine Hustlelation it increases also the antenna between my crotch, that - "HG which shakes the waist!

http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 5-2006.mp3 (right click, save as) or CLICK HERE!

Next week: FOUR CORNERS OF FEAR with Spyder Nate Webb (on CZW, ROH, Midgits, Rock n Roll), Zach Arnold (on G-1, Takayama, and craziness in Japan), Brian Fritz (on his book Beyond The Ropes), PJ Drummand (Chicago troubleshooting referee on being the voice of "god"), an update on Bill Barlow's mental state, and the glorious return of the PPH Lotto Machine!

Two weeks : Dr. Keith's Birthday Wish Show with two special guests who have never EVER been interviewed by Dr. Keith

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