Dr. Keith Show Recap - Zach Arnold, Nate Webb

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Dr. Keith Show Recap - Zach Arnold, Nate Webb

Postby DrKeith » Tue Aug 08, 2006 6:48 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

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http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 4-2006.mp3 (right click, save as) or CLICK HERE!

Zach Arnold Recap
Zach returns to the Dr. Keith Show after a thirty day suspension due to WELLNESS. And the return of the PPH lottery machine ~ YAY! Keith calls the PPH lottery machine an innovator, Zach says that the last innovator had his diary suspended on WWE.com. As Keith points out, that was because his keyboard wasn't working, it kept on 'doing the caps lock.' Keith then asks what was worse ~ or what was the difference in taste ~ between Dreamer eating hair, or kissing Heyman.

The PPH lottery machine picks out the Punjabi prison match, and Brock Lesnar. Zach asks if Brock failed the wellness, but Keith says that Brock is very well, indeed. Zach then gives a $10 CHALLENGE to Brock to face Josh Barnett in a shootfight, and says he wouldn't last FIVE MINUTES in a shoot, and would even lose to the esteemed UFC Heavyweight champion. Zach wasn't happy at the whole New Japan IWGP tournament fiasco, but as Keith alludes, that may have been because Travis Tomko was knocked out at the first stage.

Next out of the PPH lottery machine is a beautiful, beautiful portrait of Takayama. Zach wonders how Keith can use the words Takayama and beautiful in the same sentence? He's a man's man, that's why. Keith said that Takayama looked fitter in his return match than at anytime in the last ten years, EVEN in his soap opera appearance. Zach wants to see Takayama vs. Morishima, before going on to call KENTA Peter Pan. Keith can't wait for KENTA to shoot his pixie dust over Mr. Arnold. Onto Kensuke Sasaki; Zach says it's doubtful that he'll be back for the Hiroshi Hase retirement show in late August, even with Dr. Keith's suggestion of wearing a Brutus the Barber face mask.

The third item is a Triple Crown belt with a Bruce Lee jump suit. YAY ~ it's card with the Kea-Kawada title match and the Hase retirement show. Zach isn't as optimistic as he wants to see Yutaka Yoshie and his HOT PANTS. Satoshi Kojima talk. Zach suggests New Japan for Kojima. The last ball out of the bag is a G-1 - Bingo. Zach puts Keith's birthday over as the better August tradition. Keith points out that his birthday has already sold out. Time for a true test ~ can Zach name all ten G-1 combatants? Negative (for those taking score he forgot Jushin Liger). More detailed G-1 talk including picks (hint: not a NJ guy). Checkout http://www.puroresupower.com for more Japan fun!

Spyder Nate Webb Recap
Keith asks how Nate got involved in the wonderful wacky world of pro-wrestling, and which wrestlers inspired his spiderific tights. Nate was a fan of Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat. Keith asks about gimmicks? Nate says just Spyder really. Keith would like to interview Nate's parents if they christened him Spyder. Anyway, the question we all want to know, was Spyder Nate Webb inspired by Brad Armstrongs Arachnaman? Apparently not ~ BOO!

Keith asks how Nate chose Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" as his theme tune? Nate used to use Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. Teenage Dirtbag was initially used as a joke, but stuck. Keith puts over Nate's fine new moustache ~ YAY! Nate talks about his history with midgets, Keith wants to know why midgets and wrestling get along so well, Nate says that midgets even get along with FRIED CHICKEN. Death match talk: Keith mentions that Nate got to the final of the 2002 King of the death match final. Nate doesn't know how it happened. Keith thinks it's probably due to winning a couple of matches to get to the final. Nate then goes onto talk about midgets' fondness for COCK-BLOCKING!

Onto TNA. Nate worked a zillion Explosion matches and was once a member of Christopher Daniels' heel group of alterboys that lasted for FIVE GLORIOUS WEEKS. Nate says he met Jeff Jarrett through MIDGETS. Keith wants to know the embarrassing story of how Nate got involved with World Wrestling Allstars ~ with help from a midget. Keith wonders if the midget helps Nate get extra tomato ketchup packets at McDonalds too?

Onto Jerry Springer, and MIDGET LOVE TRIANGLE talk ~ YAY! A John Tenta lookalike midget named Meatball stalked Nate's girlfriend, and he was a roadie for Iron Maiden ~ YAY! Nate also toured and drank beer with Randy Savage but failed to eat beef jerky with the Macho Man, although he ate plenty of Slim Jims. But does Randy Savage talk like he talks ALL THE TIME? He does ~ YAY! And he has fifty-two Macho Man outfits, and multiple Macho sunglasses too ~ YAY AGAIN! Nate also worked as a back-up guitarist to Foreigner. Nate puts over Necro Butcher as a genius. Dr. Keith now knows which wrestler to go to with any presidential questions about the administration of 27th president of the Unite States William Howard Taft and is planning a history special Dr. Keith Show with Necro Butcher sometime soon.

Jimmy Jacobs storytime: Jimmy Jacob used to HATE Sandman, but befriended him one night when Sandman invited Nate and Jimmy back to his hotel room. A drunk Sandman proclaimed "WE'RE CALLING HOOKERS!" before, ahem, calling hookers. A hooker then knocked on the door with Nate and Jimmy AFRAID FOR THEIR LIVES. Sandman shouted "YOU'RE FUCKING HORRIBLE," before slamming the door in her face. Seconds later, knock knock, "Don't I get a coffee?" "YOU GET NOTHING." The hooker then came in, 5 foot 4, 250 pounds, 53 years, wilting teeth, and she shagged some kid in the bathroom with Sandman paying. A half naked Sandman then took pictures of the kid and the hooker. The camera was faulty so ended up through the hotel window. During all this, Sandman called his girlfriend to tell her "WE GOT HOOKERS!" ~ YAY ~ Best Dr. Keith Show story EVER!

Japan talk and Cage of Death talk. Nate liked the CZW vs. ROH cage match, although he took a Cop Killer. Keith thinks a Cop KIller would be quite relieving to some neck stress, but as Nate points out, not really with a barbed-wire board. After a little ROH and INXS talk, Nate talks about his future in wrestling, and turning down IWA Mid South shows for midget shows. Keith asks if Nate is a bit like a midget version of Eric Bischoff? Unfortunately not. Great interview, listen to Keith totally suck at 1990's alternative name that tune and do a Denis Leary cover with the Karokie King Nate Webb. Checkout http://www.halfpintbrawlers.com

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Music by: The Latterman, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Black Grape, Mastodon, Wheatus, Descendents, Anthrax (with Public Enemy)

Plus: Where has our Barlow gone (part 2) as co-host Bill Barlow is stil missing, more important he's focused his energies not on Mark Henry's recovery, but with the Kiss Army, and Nick Lachey. Also, big time fun with Dr. Keith and F4WOnline's Big Audio Nightmare's own Mike Sempervive.

http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 4-2006.mp3 (right click, save as) or CLICK HERE!

This week: Brian Fritz (on his book and radio show Between The Ropes), PJ Drummand (Chicago troubleshooting referee on being the voice of "god"), Bill Barlow's return, and a special mystery guest!
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