Interview w/Max Boyer @ChikaraFans

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Interview w/Max Boyer @ChikaraFans

Postby JustJay » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:51 pm

This is part 1 of a very long interview I did for The Suplex Monthly UK fanzine, that Dan at ChikaraFans was nice enough to post. Here is the direct link: ... onthly.php - and of course if you go to the "Interviews" section of the site you can find it there too.

UK fans can read part 2 NOW by purchasing the current issue of The Suplex Monthly at for 2.50 quid- but fear not US fans, Part 2 will be available on ChikaraFans first week of November.

Anyway, I just realized I forgot to send Dan the COMPLETE answer to the final question of Part 1, so here it is as a little teaser for y'all to help drive up traffic for ChikaraFans.

What led you to assume the "Canadian Dynamite" persona??
Pierre-Carl Oulette looked at me in October '05 and said to me "You look like Dynamite Kid. You have his look!" Back then, I only knew Dynamite Kid by name, and never really saw his work. I knew that Chris Benoit inspired himself from Dynamite Kid. Then, January '06, MVP from the RWE told me "You look like the Dynamite Kid but your wrestling is just like Chris Benoit!" Then, 2.0, Shane Matthews and Jagged, were telling me to BE, not to ACT, like Chris Benoit. I wasn't too sure cause I didn't want to be a copy cat, but they said "You are not a copy cat because you move, you look, and you wrestle just like him!" At Chikara in May, I was the substitute wrestler for Shane Matthews, who had torn his ACL . They cut an insane promo about me being Chris Benoit and the people in Barnesville, PA, laughed so much. You can see that promo on Then Mike Rotch wanted to call me "Dynamite" Max Boyer for the ISW, and I asked him if he would mind if I was changing my name everywhere to "Dynamite" and he said "YES! Do it!" After that, everyone was calling me "Dynamite" and/or "Chris Benoit".

At UnFnSanctioned '06, I got a new pair of tights made for the occasion and I told Brian The Guppie to call me "Dynamite" Max Boyer. After that show, Steen told me to change my name. He liked the "Dynamite" thing but he said that they are a lot of wrestlers worldwide who are using this one. Then I was thinking about "The Canadian Crippler". I took off the "Crippler" and replace it by "Dynamite.
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Postby Trossa » Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:26 pm

Great interview, Max is an incredibly talented wrestler, and I see him going far in this business.
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