Dr. Keith Show Recap - CZW Parade Of Champions

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Dr. Keith Show Recap - CZW Parade Of Champions

Postby DrKeith » Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:05 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - CZW Parade Of Champions Edition
By Brian Cooper of http://www.bigvanvader.com

http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 3-2006.mp3

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This week, the Dr. Keith Lipinski focuses its attention on two of the champions from the Combat Zone Wrestling promotion, two bright up and comers who are making their names with breakout years in 2006.

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CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jigsaw Recap

Jigsaw joins the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show with a 'YEEEEOOOO.' Dr. Keith asks how a young Jigsaw got into pro-wrestling. Jigsaw tore his ankle doing basketball so chose the fake sport of wrestling instead. Jigsaw talked about training at the 'Jungle Gym' and gives NO CREDIT to his trainers, and gives jolly decent advice to any budding pro-wrestler. As a young Jigsaw, he never foresaw a day when he'd be a Junior-Heavyweight Champion OF THE WORLD. Yet another guest puts over Mike 'Quack' Quackenbush. The two discuss what Kool-Aid tastes like, Dr. Keith thinks cherry flavor sounds nice ~ YAY!

The good Doctor asks the origins of the Jigsaw character and whether he grew into his mask. More importantly, does Jigsaw actually enjoy puzzles? Jigsaw says he hasn't received any puzzles from fans ~ BOO! But he once received a pair of panties ~ YAY! Jigsaw talks about drinking beer from his Young Lions Cup. Dr. Keith asks his TWO MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ~ what brand of beer did Jigsaw drink from the Cup, and did the beer tarnish the Young Lions Cup? Due to UK law, this recapper can't recap any product placement (although he enjoys the brand in question), Jigsaw says the beer DIDN'T tarnish the Cup as there's nothing he enjoys more than a 'FROSTY BREW' ~YAY!

Keith asks Jigsaw if he was ever known as the PUZZLE MAN? Jigsaw says no, but was subject to Puzzle Man chants on a prior occasion. Mexico and Young Lions Cup talk. Keith asks if Jigsaw considered buying a huge 1980's era rapper gold chain and wearing his Young Lions Cup around his neck ~ he did! Dr. Keith daydreams of a match of the year CLASSIC with Super Porky vs. Los Ice Creams.

Onto questions from CZWFans.com 'message board people.' Jigsaw is more proud of his CZW Junior-Heavyweight Championship OF THE WORLD than winning the Young Lions Cup. ECW Arena question. Jigsaw says the backstage area now looks 'really nice,' although it used to be full of broken glass and broken tables. Dr. Keth imagines beetles, barbed wire and Bill Alfonso. Keith talks about the importance of not forgetting your PISS BUCKET ROOTS.

Dr. Keith then shoots on Wikipedia due to his entry being taken down for being "too stupid for public consumption." He says he has BIG TIME HEAT with them and was forced to HIDE IN HIS CLOSET for a few days in severe grief, and several VHS tapes of the 1995 season of Nitro. Jigsaw compares wrestling singles to wrestling tag team saying teaming is great for having a breather if your cardio SUCKS ~ so that's why Vader's doing six-mans for Wrestle Land? Jigsaw then compares the IWA Mid-South fans to CZW and Chikara Pro fans. Apparently CZW fans are 'CRAZY MOTHERF***ERS.'

Jigsaw talks about his wrestling future. He wants to defeat Sexxxy Eddy in the short term, in the long term he wants to wrestle in Japan, and ... IRELAND? On the WWE; 'there just a bunch of muscle bound guys who can't go out there and wrestle,' and it isn't really a goal for him to wrestle there. Jigsaw then clears up the rumour that JIGSAW ISN'T DR. KEITH LIPINSKI, although he does wish to reach the level of the good Doctor one day. Checkout http://www.myspace.com/wrestlingriddle or http://www.chikarapro.com for more information. Great interview.

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CZW Ironman Champion LuFisto Recap

In case we didn't already know, Dr. Keith informs the good listeners that he is talking to a French Canadian, a champion, someone who has been in repeated death matches, and someone who has BLUE HAIR right now. Lufisto wants to get rid of the blue hair, 'but it won't go away.' Dr. Keith asks if her hair is a royal blue or SMURF shade of blue. LuFisto wants her blonde hair back as if she, ahem, bleeds, she wants to look like Ric Flair ~ so they at least have blonde hair and boobs in common.

LuFisto enjoys ground-and-pound STIFF wrestling opposed to the hardcore style and 90% of her matches are pure-wrestling and SHE'S ONLY 10% HARDCORE. Keith asks how she got involved in the hardcore match? She said she got chairshotted early in the career and she loved the crowd reaction of her, the woman, getting beat up. LuFisto says a good wrestler should be able to hit hard and be hit hard and wants her male opponents to hit her hard. Keith says that his wife is the same height as LuFisto but HAS NEVER BEEN ASKED TO BE HIT HARD.

Keith asks about men being unhappy about wrestling a woman, and whether LuFisto modelled herself on Chyna. LuFisto says she wrestled men BEFORE Ms. Laurer. She then talks about her mothers fears of being a woman pro-wrestler or STRIPPER as women were portrayed back in 1997. LuFisto puts over Kevin Steen and the GREAT LEGENDS that held the CZW World Title before him. She says that she is NOT scared of the Necro Butcher and says she might fight him on December's Death Match tournament in Toronto.

As LuFisto is from Montreal, Dr. Keith asks if SHE HATES SHAWN MICHAELS? Apparently she's the only Montreal native who doesn't hate the Heartbreak Kid. She would like to be Chris Benoit and puts over his PPV match with William Regal. More importantly, Dr. Keith asks what she thinks of WILLIAM REGAL'S PENIS? It was an entertaining willy apparently. LuFisto puts Kevin Steen over as the Total Package which provokes a Lex Luger question from the Doctor.

LuFisto talks about her two trips to Japan, her knee injury, and her goals in pro-wrestling. She talks about Trish Stratus saying she's proof that wrestling isn't fake. 75% of people quit her wrestling class due to their belief that wrestling was indeed fake. The name LuFisto apparently came from Batman and Star Wars. The Doctor says she sounds like a 'fun, fun type of girl.' LuFisto marks out for Star Wars.

Dr. Keith then asks her about marriage proposals from the CZWFans.com message board. Her answer? SEND A PICTURE! Although they'd have to compete with Sexxxy Eddy, Dr. Keith says maybe a Sexxxy Edward with four x's and a q might work. LuFisto finishes with a message to all her French-Canadian and even French-American fans. Checkout http://www.myspace.com/lufisto or http://www.lufisto.com or http://www.czwrestling.com

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Music by: My Chemical Romance, Lupe Fiasco, The Hold Steady, (NEW) CONVERGE~!, The Pipettes

Also this week: Dr. Keith and Mike Sempervive of F4WOnline.com's Big Audio Nightmare discuss Tito vs. Ken III: the final countdown, America's sweethearts of Jenna Jameson and Tito, Melissa Midwest, The Brian Pillman DVD, The Eric Bischoff book, Antonio Pena remembered, "the sensual unicorn", disturbing mental images involving a visor wearing Balls Mahoney, Teddy Long-Kayfabulous WWE Storyteller, Four Horsemen discussion including Keith's favorite Brian Pillman horsemen memory, Cap'n Mike Rotundo, Trucker Norm, WCW superstar country western songs, reverse hair matches, Mike's mexi-mullet, and the Karate Kid II. Later the good doctor and Middletown, DE's Most Wanted Bill Barlow megaphone croon about Angle-Joe confrontation hype, Dr. Keith's road trip to Cleveland for ROH's survival of the fittest tournament, and a haiku about William Regal's exposure at No Mercy. Would Lord Steven Regal's little willie make a better pirate then Paul Birchall? What is the official snack food of the band KISS? Bell Biv DeVoe? What the hell happened to PimpJuice? Should the winner of the Monster's Ball match get a case of Crystal Pepsi? And why would you ever want to kayfabe the sock puppets?

http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 3-2006.mp3

More information on Dr. Keith Lipinski go to http://www.myspace.com/vivalipinski
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