BIW RETURNS - Davey, Vordell Walker, Jeremy Young & More

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BIW RETURNS - Davey, Vordell Walker, Jeremy Young & More

Postby TheOutlawinLa » Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:43 am

The question BIW seems to be asking on November 18th to the fans, wrestlers, and staff is Who is the man....

Well currently the man in BIW is the "Smashing Machine" Ikaika so that would appear to be an easy answer to that question


We have found out recently_however_ BIW is asking Who's the man who should face him on December 16th at Pinnacle...

Who should get to be the first to challenge the champion ? Who has the biggest claim to fame for getting the title shot ?

Doink the Clown ?

Dr Death Steve Williams ?

Jeremy Young ?

Jay Lethal?

Andy Dalton ?

Sean Cordova?

Davey Richards ?

We will find out on November 18th. All the above have been confirmed for the December 16th show so it could be any one of them.

Tickets go on sale October 8th at the Coldwell Banker in West Monroe & Clints comics in monroe.

Adults - 12 $
Kids - 8 $

All tickets at the door will be 15 $

So please get your tickets in advance.

Take all the pictures you want, but please no video. Concession will be served, and merchandise will be sold.

The show will start at 3 : 00. Doors open at 2.
Live from the West Monroe sports Complex on North 7th

*_The Chance Wyndam Challenge_*

- Chance will be escorted out by the lovely, but evil Foxy Roxy for this challenge. Chance will be challenging anybody he feels like on this night, and has promised he will obtain his first BIW victory, or else he will never show his face in West Monroe again. He might challenge _you_ so bring your A game. It's time for Chance Wyndam to shut up, or put up.

*_Special Triple Threat match up_*
Joey Spector Versus Sean Cordova Versus Jordan

- Joey Spector wants to be from Louisiana, and again his paths will cross with a member of State of Emergency, this time it being Jordan. Normally this would be a very good triple threat match up with there styles alone, but you throw in the fact nobody knows what Joey Spector will do in this match there is no telling how this one will turn out. Is he going to allign with Jordan ? Is he going to be upset because of Braydin Payge ? Does he want to be from Texas again ? Will Jordan accept him ? All these questions, and none of the answers. We do know that after Goldrush all three of these wrestlers need a victory, and only one of them will be able to get it.

*_Tag Team Match Up_*
State of Emergency Versus Big time Playaz

- Bobby Von Neil & Braydin Payge suffered there first losses at Goldrush, but are now going back to there comfort zone in tag team action. This will be the Big Time Playaz BIW debut, and by the name alone you can tell they will be coming to West Monroe with the intentions of making an impact. An impact the fans won't want them to make, but an impact there determened to make. This could be the showstealer match of the night.

*_Court is in Session_*
Special guest Viper with his 14 foot long snake

- If you have seen the first two Court is in Sessions you know that anything can happen. We do mean anything. You get a small black man with a fro in the ring with a man that has a 14 foot long snake, and again we assume anything can happen. Doink made Court run. Marty made Court blush. What will Viper make Court do ?

Christie Summers Versus Foxy Roxy

- This will be ground breaking for the BIW. The first ever women's match, and what better way to do it than with two gorgeous women. Foxy made her debut in September attacking Veronica, and Christie will be coming down all the way from St Lous to stand toe to toe with the self proclaimed "baddest woman" in BIW.

Andy Dalton Versus JT Lamotta
W Special Referee from ESPN 97.7 Brother Nick

- July 29th these two had the best match of the night, and it was a regular one on one encounter. This time it will be no dq, pinfalls count anywhere giving these men a chance to really show how ruthless, and creative they can be. Dalton is coming off of his first loss in BIW which came at the hands of Davey Richards. Dalton will definitely be out for blood. Making it harder for him to achieve that goal will be special referee Brother Nick from ESPN 97.7. Nick has hated Andy Dalton since day one when he got pushed into the second row, and is now in a position to do more damage to Dalton than Andy ever thought would be possible. Dalton has to worry about Nick & Lamotta. All Lamotta has to worry about is avenging his loss from back in July.

"The Fire" Jeremy Young will return to action
Don Juan will be in the house
PCW uncut star Kristopher Haiden debuts
Gameboys return to the ring
Scott Murdoch is off of probation
Former RING OF HONOR/ FIP star Vordell Walker
Viktor Tadlok W Kyle Lewis come back to West Monroe
Veronica Ludart has her chance for payback

Ring of Honor Star Davey Richards returns
Find out who will face Ikaika in December
More matches for December 16th announced.

And as always expect the unexpected. We guarantee at least seven matches on what appears to be a night of questions with hopefully a fair amount of answers by the time the final bell rings.

Don't forget December 16th BIW will present the Pinnacle featuring - Jon Heidenreich, Jay Lethal, Doink the Clown, Ikaika, Davey Richards, & Danny Hodge.

For more information email, or contact Josh Newell at 318 355 - 1301.
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