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Postby CheMateo » Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:47 pm

I realized I was ranting in the wrong thread. I kind of want to touch on the INYH ppvs from 97. Maybe this could be the all encompassing INYH thread. Hopefully some others will want to chime in on memories and opinions from the various shows.

-INYH Ground Zero 97. Brian Pillman vs Golddust was memorable to me because of the stipulation. If Pillman won he would get Marlena for 30 days. This led to the Pillman XXX Files. Just a shame the Pillman was taken away from us much too soon. I would've loved to have seen what Pillman could have contributed to the Attitude era.

-Max Mini vs El Torito. A very fun fast paced Lucha minis contest. It had plenty of good action and was the begining of Lawler's hate for Max. I think Max even wore Jerry's crown at one point.

-Bret vs The Patriot. I never much cared for Patriot's argument of America...Love it or Leave it! But these two had a good match. I actually started believing Patriot might actually take the title off Bret. I thought Patriot might pass out from the sharpshooter or get the ropes but nope, he eventually tapped out. I recall one of Patriot's finishers was a full nelson slam. He called it Uncle Slam. Corny but mildly amusing.

-Shawn vs Undertaker. First time meeting one on one. This was awesome. I'm glad I still have this on tape. Ref's get knocked out and Shawn and Undertaker just brawl all over the place. Shawn was bumping like a mad man. I remember him crashing through the house set and taking a vicious gorilla press on the steel ramp. A bunch of guys came down to eventually stop the brawl. Then Undertaker busted out his always impressive plancha. Fantastic match which led to one of the best HIAC matches.
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