New Japan Unveils New IWGP Belt

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New Japan Unveils New IWGP Belt

Postby jofra01 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:10 pm

New Japan reveals new IWGP Heavyweight Title by Stuart - 22 Feb 2008


New Japan today held a press conference to unveil the design for the fourth generation IWGP Heavyweight Title belt. After Nakamura defeated Angle to both defend his second generation title and win Angle's third generation title, New Japan was left with the problem of what to use. Well, the answer is none: they will introduce a new design as pictured above. Production began on February 19th and it will be presented to Nakamura at the March 9th tour opener in Aichi. Nakamura can then show off the new belt throughout the tour, leading into his next defense against the New Japan Cup winner at the end of March. Nakamura believes aspects of all three previous designs have been put into the new belt, creating a sort of hybrid. He said it is a pleasure to see history so respected in the new design. President Sugabayashi explained simply that the reason for a new belt is to start a new time. "Hashimoto's title", the second generation, was sealed after his death, and the third generation title was marred by the Brock Lesnar problem, though it has been recaptured from the man who defeated Lesnar.

Credit: Strong Style Spirit

Don't look that great however I do hope that this belt creates great matches
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