MsChif joins Age of the Fall

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MsChif joins Age of the Fall

Postby bigcat » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:20 pm

From--of course--Anonymous:

"Aaaaannnnd we make a change on society to make a better future by winning title belts from various indy wrestling promotions???"

Before I tear this asshole a new...well, asshole, I would like to use him as a reference for an introduction. The Ring of Honor fans in Chicago are already acquainted, but I am using this forum tonight as a formal unveiling.

Age of the Fall, welcome your newest member; the SHIMMER Champion MsChif.

I could tell you her story, but you already know the details. Let me just say, she belongs among us. She is driven. She is passionate. Smart, capable, and under appreciated. And most importantly, the only mold she fits is the one her dreams have cast. Now, out of years of frustration and hard work, she is at the top of her game, but because she isn't a life size Barbie doll, she remains under the radar...and she's had enough. MsChif has found strength in our camp. And likewise, we have become that much stronger for accepting her. Some companies could take a hint. I digress...

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