Dr. Keith Lipinski Show #4 with Human Torando!

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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show #4 with Human Torando!

Postby DrKeith » Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:34 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Episode #4 Kip James, Human Tornado, Gary Michael Cappetta!

Interview Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com and Dr. Keith Lipinski

To Download the show go to http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 0-2006.mp3

Kip James Recap

Kip James is introduced as the man with more names then God himself, but how does Kip like to be called as Keith doesn't want to trigger a lawsuit? After referring to his former employers as 'Pieces of shit,' Kip settles with, er, Kip.

The two talk about Bullet Bob with Keith asking about Bullet Bob's thumb, or lack of. Kip never noticed until Bob gave him a (half) thumbs up. After discussing whether the James gang are in actual fact a street gang, Keith asks if Kip considered calling himself Bill E. Gunn in TNA? Kip cuts a promo; 'A name is just a name, the person is still the same,' although one would doubt it'll be up there with Mark Coleman

Kip talks about his release after 13 years with the WWE, and 'the phone call,' consisting of John Laurinaitis saying that cretive have nothing for him, and then hanging the phone up. Keith asks for the guy behind the release? 'Johnny Ace.' Upon being released Kip shit his pants, no really.

Kip puts over TNA, then himself. He says he can have a good match with anyone, even a broomstick. Kip then shoots on Honky Tonk Man; 'Honky didn't sit down and do nothing for nobody.' Which grammatically means he did.

The gimmicks of Kip James are then discussed, but what Dr. Keith (known for his hard questions) really wants to know is what happened to the gravy bowl as presented by the gay and lesbian alliance (Chuck has it). Kip then talks about how the gay gimmick was the most entertaining gimmick he'd even been a part of, not sparing a thought for the millions of WWE fans who actually endured it.

Tag team wrestling is preferred to Kip James then singles. 'New York don't give a crap about tag teams,' it seems. Kip also says that Team 3D vs. the James Gang is gonna be the big TNA money draw, so Dixie should cast any thoughts of signing Goldberg aside.

Dr. Keith asks about the new WWE drug Talent Wellness policy which Kip describes as a 'crock of shit.' Kip then talks about the pros of steroids over painkillers.

We find out if Kip is indeed an 'Ass man' and his thoughts on the 'Ass Man Song.' 'It's a good tune' replies Kip. Keith then proceeds to read a few lyrics from the Ass Man Song. I really can't add to this any.

Keith then asks if Kip is a fan of the internet and if he ever reads any message boards talking about his hair? Kip shoots on the average message board poster, and presumably radio show downloader. Kip confirms he hasn't got his hair in pig-tails whilst conducting the interview, and the real reason behind the pig tails!

Talking about working with Torrie Wilson, Kip confirms the rumour that 'Personality-wise, she is zero.' Kip and Keith then talk about the 'MTV thing.'

Asked if he ever thinks he'll be back in the WWE? 'No, that's just a plain no... fuck them.' Keith then looks for dirt on WWE guys, he finds it with Triple H. 'He'll just fucking stab you in the back. He's just a giant piece of shit.' I guess that also confirms the question about him working in the WWE again. Working in Japan isn't 'his bag.' He also plus his official website as Dr. Keith dramatically reads the lyrics of the "I got it all" theme and does his best Road Dog impression. "Oh you didn't know?"

*** *** ***

Human Tornado Recap

Human Tornado joins the Dr. Keith Show live from a McDonalds drive-thru, obviously enjoying the Vader Taboo Tuesday diet. After discussing Shamrock shakes 'those things are very great' and ordering vanilla shakes; Tornado tells Keith how he got his wrestling name as Keith asks for some two for one apple pies. The name is a reference of a 70's Rudy Ray Moore movie made 'into my own deal, sorta speak.' Keith wonders if there has ever been a wrestling Dolemite

Life in general inspires the Tornado, and he 'loves people.' A four year veteran, Human Tornado talks about working on the Nacho Libra film with Jack Black, and what Jack Black is really like. 'Cooler then beyond cool.' Tornado then shoots on the McDonalds attendant. Keith asks to speak to the person in the McDonalds' drive thru. Keith asks about being a smaller guy, and what smaller guys inspired him. Tornado lets us know Spike Dudley motivated him, RevPro trained him. When it comes to high flying, HBK and RVD have inspired HT. Apart from Shamrock shakes and Big Macs, Keith and Tornado also discuss Pro Wrestling Guerrilla 'every PWG show I've been on is helluva fun', and the possibilities of working for WWE. His main goal is to wrestle at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim 'at least once.' Even if it means on WWE.Com versus Big Vito. TNA and WWE is also talked about.

Acting wise, Tornado was an extra in a Black Eyed Peas "Lets Get It Started" music video. Look for him in a white baby blue shirt. He puts over the 'hot (word for the ladies that sounds like riches) were around all day' and wonders why there wasn't any on the set of Nacho Libre set. Don't worry, Tornado fans, he's maskless in Nacho Libre, without a sweater vest. Talk of Sprite, Grant Hill, Ltl Penny, little Sprite dude, Eddie Griffin, Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo, and UPN's Malcom & Eddie (Tornado note 'that s*** is awful') is also brought up.

Talk about Tornado's hometown, the location of it, if he has received the key to the city and if Hurricane Katrina hit it. Also, secret of the pimp slap is revealed, kinda. A mini-movie review of Dave Chappelle's "Block Party" and what happened with his meltdown is also talked about.

More importantly, we find out who Tornado thinks is a better dancer then him in wrestling, and who has got more soul; El Generico or Jack Evans? 'That's a tough question.' Indeed. Ernest Miller, the ruby red slippers, and his MAMA are also mentioned by Tornado. Tornado talks about going East working of JAPW and IWA-MS. Torando's time wrestling under the name "El Negro" ('fun times, he'll kidnap your kids and watch them eat breakfast') is also discussed. Also a three way dancing contest between Generico, Evans, and Tornado on the Soul Train is talked about. Including Tornado doing a five star Don Cornelius impression, and Major League II reference. Tornado on his life 'I feel blessed' as he plugs his myspace site.

*** *** ***

Gary Michael Cappetta Recap

Author of the book "Bodyslams!" Gary Michael Cappetta joins Dr. Keith. Keith asks if Gary misses the thrill of announcing. Gary does miss it, but feels the opportunities aren't there anymore. Gary talks about working for WCW. He puts over Howard Finkel for 'having the best voice,' and goes into detail into what makes a good announcer. Keith asks about how difficult it is to announce no-shows and what aspects of the show can cause hostilities within the audience.

Doc asks which of the two in-ring confrontations were more scary for Cappetta; with 'Iron' Mike Sharpe or with Monster Meng? Gary talks about being injured when he had the altercation with Ming, and was knocked out by 'Iron' Mike. Ribs are discussed with Gary saying he was ribbed comparatively few times. He had his fingernails painted once. Keith asks if Gary asked the perpetrator to paint his toes too?

The re-release of the excellent BodySlams book is brought up with additional comments by Jim Cornette, Mick Foley and George Steele. Keith and Gary talk about a story from the book when a German announcer was molested. Gary says it was fine 'penis art,' and that the Nasty Boys were there, but doesn't confirm whether they were the culprits. Keith asks about further penis art in wonderful world of wrestling.

Keith asks if Gary ever regrets not taking Paul Heyman's job offer of replacing Joey Styles in ECW, he could be the one getting yelled by Vince today? 'That would never happen... Vince would never invite me back to the WWE... I'm one of the few people that stood up to Vince and he doesn't like that.'

Mike Sempervive asks what Gary thinks of today's announcers. Gary says he's not tuned in, having viewed just two WWE shows in seven years. Gary goes into depth into what children
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