Dr. Keith Show #7 Eric Young, Tank Tolland

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Dr. Keith Show #7 Eric Young, Tank Tolland

Postby DrKeith » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:14 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Recap #7 - Eric Young, Tank Tolland, Megaphone Crooning
Recap by Brian Cooper of http://www.bigvanvader.com and Dr. Keith Lipinski

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TNA's 'Showtime' Eric Young Recap
Eric Young talks about his extensive throat surgery with Keith asking whether this is a result of all the Canadian National Anthem singing. He also talks about his near death experience after surgery. Keith also asks about how Young got involved in the business eight years ago and about his WWE dark match appearances. 'I've had a bunch.' Young goes into depth about wrestling in Titan (in a match against the FBI) saying that 'Being Canadian doesn't help.' Even though fellow blonde Canadian Christian helped 'elevate his status' but in general the Canadian wrestling scene is tough for exposure.
Dr. Keith talks about the original Team Canada including Teddy Hart and 'fake Canadian' Jack Evans which Young feels 'fortunate' he wasn't a part of. Eric Young then talks about the Sting angle with him having a 'blast,' and confirming the Sting outfit he wore was authentic from an old Clash of the Champions (the boots, the pants, everything). 'I've watched him my entire life, one of my top 10 wrestlers of all time' Eric comments on Sting. Keith also asks about 'Katie' at the Team 3-D funeral, and getting a personality.
Lipinski asks if Waldo Von Erich is Eric Young's favorite Von Erich? He is. On Bubba Ray Dudley and rumors of him being too harsh and stiff in the ring 'they wrestle a very physical style but its part of wrestling, its not ballet. I enjoy it. Its intense, its fun. I was known for matches for this in Ontario.' Young confirms also that he played Seymour in a stage production of Little Shop Of Horrors, but no other members of Team Canada took part which makes Keith wonder if Scott D'Amore would play a great singing evil twisted Dentist. Eric also talks about working as the weird uncle in 'Tommy', the improv Olympic and doing his own stunts. As for his TNA run and his character 'you haven't seen anything yet.'
Keith then asks which Team Canada member has the greatest singing voice? Keith also asks who Young feels is the most underrated TNA wrestler, and whether he feels he's achieved the American Dream (not Dusty Rhodes). Young talks about wrestling the Insane Clown Posse on the first TNA house show and Scott D'Amore's glasses.
Ronnie Arniell, a Young trainee just signed on with the WWE Developmental, his training philosophy 'how long do you have?'
As for being like other Canadians Chris Jericho, and Christian and becoming a wrestler slash actor, Eric said he would love to give it a shot someday but so far no offers. There is no Canadian district in Nashville that Eric knows of. Also, as for the hockey stick being used, Keith wonders why its not a curling broom instead.
What was the difference between 'Showtime' Eric Young and 'Director' Eric Young? 'Probably just the name.' 'I got ya,' replied the Doc. Keith asks what Eric's favorite ride is down in Florida? The Spiderman ride of course. And is Eric Young the most famous person from Florence, Ontario? Young then talks about being Mayor, and an actor.
After more TNA talk, including the rules of the anthem match at the upcoming TNA PPV, Ninja rolls, Lucha Libre, wackiness and comedy in wrestling. Eric always keeps a notebook with him full of whacky ideas he has as well as ideas for matches and such. Young talks about his favorite wrestlers growing up; Ricky Steamboat, Owen Hart, Curt Hennig, and of course Sting. Also Eric notes he is a good kisser and plugs the Thursday Night iMPACT show and the Lockdown PPV.

Tank Tolland Recap
Dr. Keith is straight off the mark asking Tank of his WWE status. 'At the current moment, I'm not with the WWE, I'm getting ready to check out my options, see what else is out there on the indy scene, hopefully, in time, I'll work my way back into the WWE.'
Keith asks Tank's first reaction at being a dick? Tank said he had teamed with Chad for awhile but had no name 'they weren't sure of what to do with us.' 'Hey I got this great idea, we can dress you guys up like Chippendales but were not sure what to call you yet.' Tank noted one week they were not names, the next week they were the Tollands, and then the dicks. 'The Dicks wasn't my idea, but it was the one that stuck.' When he was given the name, he was just happy with the opportunity to be wrestling in front of the world. 'You get the opportunity, you can't turn it down. You take what you get and make the best of it.' Keith asks if there were any other body parts he felt he could've been named. Tank, who came up with some names, was a fan of the name 'the BOD SQUAD~!'
Tolland then talks about how the Dicks were better then the Johnson's in TNA, and why he felt the gimmick failed. 'A lot of people in the crowd referred to us as wannabee Johnsons.' About the current Gymini 'good guys.' When they were called up, Tank thought the word he did with Chad was 'standard fare' but feels the team could have been 'more polished' when they were called up. His team with Chad was also questioned by Tank 'To be honest with you, I had a lot of questions if we gelled well as a team.' The differences between Chad and Tank were talked about. Keith asks the true story of the 'fight' between Chad and Tank and the internet ruckus it started. 'It was a strange situation; Chad brings a lot of things on himself. When he started getting ribbed by people, he didn't take it well. He let things get to him to the point where he let people talk him into doing some childish things, and the next thing you know, we were sitting in an area with a bunch of other people, and he took some cheapshots at me. The next thing you know, he jumped on top of me and put a front facelock on.' Tank was like 'oh, Chad man!'
Tank confirms the incident happened during a tour of Mexico and that he talked to Chad the night before telling him not to let the ribbing affect him. The next night, Chad needed some 'masculine action' to prove he wasn't a 'sissy' and other words we can't list in the recap.
Tank says that Chad hit him straight in the throat when he wasn't looking, so he said, 'Dammit Chad, now I gotta hit ya,' as you do, and kicked him straight in the balls, before sitting down and no-selling the punch by Tank. The no-selling really upset Chad. A couple of minutes later; 'BAAMMM!' Tank hit him in the face again. 'Now I'm gonna kick your f*ckin' ass,' Tankshouted. Chad played the heel, backing off 'It's over, it's over.' 'Like F*CKIN' HELL it's over,' came the reply.
Whilst Tank didn't originally wanna fight, he felt he had to now earn the respect of the boys and the respect of himself, which is of course fame more important than full-time employment with the largest wrestling organization in the world. 'You don't wanna be anyone's bitch for the most part?' Keith asked. 'I don't claim to be a tough guy, I basically hit three quick shots, BAM, BAM, BAM, knocked him out cold, busted his nose, and put his teeth through his bottom lip,' but more importantly, Chad lost the little respect he still had with the boys. 'It was an incident I wish handn't happened, but it did and sometimes that
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