Dr Keith Show 9 - ROH vs. CZW War Recap

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Dr Keith Show 9 - ROH vs. CZW War Recap

Postby DrKeith » Tue May 09, 2006 8:20 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Recap #9 - ROH vs. CZW WAR Edition
Recap by Brian Cooper of http://www.bigvanvader.com

Listen now!
http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 7-2006.mp3

Claudio Castagnoli Recap
Keith asks Claudio how he got into wrestling? Who else? But by watching Papa Shango of course. We then find out if Claudio Castagnoli is also into voodoo. And what he learned from training with Squire David Taylor.
Surely Claudio's parents would have preferred Claudio to go watch making or carry on the family banking business? While his parents will support him in wrestling, their family business is STILL a success. Yay! First impressions on Chris Hero, and Claudio was impressed.
And how did Claudio learn English? School, in fact. Maybe other people 'should get off their butts to learn another language to communicate with me.' Indeed. Claudio and the Doctor then talk about tag teams, and the business plan, yes, business plan, to win back the CZW and PWG tag team titles.
Claudio then talks about his fans and his catchphrase, likening himself to a sheepherder and the fans as sheep. 'It's easy to manipulate them.' Keith asks Claudio about working for ROH, wrestling Nigel McGuiness and the jacket with ROH in fancy stones on the back which he tore up to end the ROH 100th show. Claudio refuses to divulge in the price of the jacket.
Claudio SHOOTS on the ROH fans for calling a CZW a garbage promotion. 'They're hypocrites,' and pinpoints the Steel Cage Warfare. 'CZW only has one cage match a year.' Back to the jacket; as a commoner, Keith asks whether Claudio is still in possession of the jacket, and whether he'll consider giving it to charity. 'I'd certainly don't give away anything to charity; because I don't think those people deserve that.'
On the future, it's going uphill for Claudio. Samoa Joe wasn't able to pin him. On the Best of the Best tournament for CZW this weekend, Claudio is gonna be more prepared so he doesn't get pinned this time around. And we finish with a tribute to all the Swiss Dr. Keith show listeners. Nice.

Adam Pearce Recap
The first Dr. Keith question is the meaning behind the nickname 'Scrap-Iron,' Keith prefers that nickname to 'Happy-Scrappy-Hero Pup.' Adam Pearce first got involved in wrestling by watching AWA TV, which I suppose is better than Papa Shango anyhow. Adam Pearce was also a HULKAMANIAC. Adam then talks about being a surrogate member of the Gold Bomb Mafia. 'It's now just a memory but it does live on in the hearts of many.' Adam delights the audience with a story about initiating a woman into the gold bond mafia, and the hijinx surrounding it.
Adam says he turned down a WCW developmental deal twice due to not feeling ready for it. 'I got some heat from the boys about it.' Keith asks if Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker was too rough? 'Not at all, he's a sweetheart.' Adam says he was close to being a Natural Born Thriller, and be the voice of the NBT instead of Above Average Mike Sanders, but doesn't have any regrets.
In the Power Plant, did Paul Orndorff ever wear the orange flip-flops he used to kick Vader's ass? No, but he still had the BAD buzz cut. Adam worked as a plumber during his early days as a wrestler and SHOOTS on Dusty; 'Fuck you dude, I was a plumber. I know what it's all about.'
Adam confirms it's 100% true that he did karaoke with Antonio Inoki. Adam met the Simon Inoki and Kendo Ka-Shin outside McDonalds and proceeded to a private bar with Antonio Inoki, surrounded by pictures of him, smoking a cigar. 'I can't confirm that he was completely shit-faced, but if I was a betting man, I'd probably bet every dollar I had.' The elder Inoki wasn't too impressed with I Shot The Sheriff that Pearce and Rocky Romero sang. The party then intrude on a restaurant with Inoki putting a SLEEPER HOLD on Adam! Top story.
Pearce's time in PWG is discussed and how he has honored the Loser Leaves PWG stip since losing the match.
Keith talks about Adam's injury at the 100th ROH show against Necro Butcher, with Keith presuming that Pearce has more blood in him than average. 'Are you calling me fat?' Adam gains retribution on Claudio's comments earlier by guessing Necro Butcher 'chops up dead people.' He warns the CZW wrestlers that he will put a stop to them. He has harsh words for Claudio Castagnoli also for blasting Samoa Joe with an European uppercut. 'He's a piece of shit in my book, and he'll be DEALT with.'
Finally, the interview talks about America, Colt Cabana, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and the three greatest things known to man "(expletive deleted, but it
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