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Re: May 25th next show, my first

Postby Matt Flash » Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:44 pm

SlayJ wrote:
Matt Flash wrote:I'd like to see something along these lines...

Brian Cage-Taylor vs. Adam Cole- Just... yes. This match would be fan-fucking-tastic. Cage is stepping it up big-time, and Cole is always game for a great match.

Dynasty, Rosas and Ryan Taylor vs. RockNES, Perkins and Candace. I'd take out Taylor and Candace, but, I know they'll more than likely be included.

Young Bucks vs. 2 Husky Black Guys- The runners up vs. the team that thinks they should be #1 contenders. Seems only right, I think. And this would be a HOT match, with everything up in the air since PWG always seems to pick the perfect spots for Super teams to win/lose and the Bucks to win/lose. It's always a surprise, and I could easily see both of these teams winning.

Sami Callahan vs. Roderick Strong- This could be a fantastic thing of beauty. I'd love nothing more than for this to happen.

Davey Richards vs. Kyle O'Reilly- I still want this match, damnit!

Super Smash Brothers vs. The Briscoes- I'm not a huge Briscoes fan anymore. I more enjoy their promos. But their name still carries a lot of weight on the indies, and it would be a huge feather in SSB's cap on the way to their big Tag Team Title match.

PWG World Title Match: Kevin Steen (c) vs. Eddie Edwards- You could make the argument that it was Generico's move that put Edwards away, and Steen stole that pin. PLUS, Edwards was supposed to get a one-on-one match anyways, so let him get that rematch the right way. And you can also let Super Dragon sit out and stay healthy, just to be sure he can wrestle at the Anniversary Show. That's infinitely more important than a random post-tourney show.

Easy peasy.

I am a Eddie Edwards fan and I'm always happy to see him on a PWG card, but I have zero interest in seeing him challenge Steen for the title right now. I do see the logic in the match and it would be fine, but it's pure vanilla and ultimately meaningless. Steen doesn't have any truly serious challengers at the moment which makes it a good time to sort out the tag title situation. Let's face it, if Dragon IS coming back, it should be as a challenger to the World Title. And even if he can't do much at the moment, I'm sure he and Steen can do a good brawl that leads to them losing the straps and sets them up as adversaries a few months down the line.

I'm always up for a visit to Reseda by the Briscoes. They should've been brought in for DDT4, but I'd be game for a Briscoes vs SSB match-up on the 25th.

Callihan vs Strong would be a very good hard hitting match. Of course if PWG was going in that direction they would've probably had some kind of heat surface between the two after losing in the tag tourney (and I don't recall anything like that being played up). Callihan vs Mack makes more sense.

The singles matches with Cole, Cage-Taylor and O'Reilly are solid matches on paper...I'd just prefer seeing those guys sticking to the tag scene right now. But I do see Brian Cage breaking out on his own soon.

Some solid ideas, Matt

Fair enough on all counts. But just because there are no viable contenders doesn't mean you shouldn't put out a certain match-up. Having a credible looking list of guys the Champion has defeated is just as important as the hot "Either guy could win" atmosphere that some other match could give.

Callihan vs. Mack would definitely make more sense, but then I don't know what they want to do with Callihan. Strong almost always puts on that competitive "anyone can win" finishing stretch, and if they think they can rely on Callihan for future shows, putting him up against Mack would absolutely, 100% lead to him losing. Mack's just on too much of a hot streak. Winning and losing isn't everything, but he's enough of an indy name that you don't need to ease him in with losses to the other guys to get the fans excited for his matches.

And I also almost did Taylors vs. Future Shock, but I didn't want to have more tag matches than singles match right after the DDT4 Tag Tourney. I can't imagine Cage staying in a tag team for long, as the division is just so stacked right now. They'll always provide a solid and entertaining at worst tag team match, but I don't see any upward momentum with teams like SSB, Future Shock, 2HBG (If they stay partnered up, which I just don't see happening in the long term) RockNES, Bucks, Steen/Dragon. They're definitely at the bottom of that totem pole, along with Ryan and Sky. And I'll always prefer Joey in tag teams.

And I'd be a complete liar if I said the idea of a live Briscoes match wouldn't be fun. I just can't stand them in ROH. They've done absolutely nothing for me, outside of their promo work, since '08ish. My only hope is if they come back, they don't have their standard "Brawl around the ring until we get bored" work boots on. Their recent matches vs. the Young Bucks have just been plagued by that.
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Re: May 25th next show, my first

Postby loserkings007 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:11 pm

Tickets go on sale tomorrow guys! Hopefully I can score some front rows.
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Re: May 25th next show, my first

Postby LBOinyamouf4sho » Thu May 03, 2012 4:26 am

rohgenextfan wrote:Who's Larry? What did Larry do to cause PWG staff to check everyone's pockets/

that goonsquad that searches everybody isn't PWG staff, unless PWG just doesn't feel as safe in reseda as they do in every other venue they've ran where they didn't search people. the main thing i hate about the searches is how helpful it is in getting the shows started on time.

anyways fuck larry, tolerating his old ass is a small price to pay, though a $5 discount for putting up with his shit would be cool.
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