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It's a Gift... and a Curse DVD
This DVD Features:

Kitty World Order Debut Match
1. Hello Kitty vs. Kuromi

2. Bino Gambino vs. Nemesis

DDT4 Qualifying Match
3. Hook Bomberry & TJ Perkins vs. Ronin & Scorpio Sky

4. "Double C" Claudio Castagnoli vs. "The Professional" Scott Lost

-- Joey Ryan & Super Dragon Street Fight

5. Brandon Bonham vs. "Slick" Nick Jackson

6. Tokyo GU•REN•TAI (MAZADA & NOSAWA) vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)

7. Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

This disc features alternate audio commentary, which is accessible by pressing the AUDIO button on your DVD remote.
This disc is coded REGION 0, for use in all DVD players around the world.
It's a Gift...and a Curse
April 5, 2008
Reseda, CA
Price: $14.95
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